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How to Build Your Twitter Following With Frenchie Boi

Twitter is awesome to use. Musicians definitely should use it more often. Unfortunately a lot of musicians use it the wrong way. They spam, they do not engage, they do not stick to their niche.

Recently I gravitated to the Twitter profile of Frenchie Boi. Below you will find a brief interview with Frenchie Boi. Frenchie Boi shares tips on how to build your twitter following.

First and foremost, I noticed that you are a beatmaker but you do not promote your music that much on your Twitter Feed. Is this a branding decision?

Frenchie Boi: This is a branding decision but also a career decision. I made my first step in the music industry as a beatmaker and it took me a while before understanding the codes of the industry.

I started sharing things that I learned with time and I really enjoyed it. Giving people some intelligence to grow their career is really nice and I wish some people gave me that information 9 years ago when I was starting music.

I haven't had much time to compose anything during this year, that's maybe why you don't see much music promotion on my timeline. I'm re-orienting my career into artist consulting/marketing by moving to Los Angeles.

What influenced you towards artist consulting/management?

Frenchie Boi: The fact that when I was struggling to sell and market my beats, I couldn't find any relevant information for my career. The web is deep but sometimes not well organized. I am here to bring my clients top quality services, from different providers, in order to gain exposure.

How long did it take you to find your niche on Twitter?

Frenchie Boi: Not so long actually. My tweets are music oriented because I'm working in the music industry. I have people from all around the world, that are musicians, composers, rappers, singers, fans. Some of them aren't even in the music industry but they want to hear some motivational messages!

Do you use any scheduling apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite?

Frenchie Boi: Yes, I started using TweetAdder to schedule my tweets 2 years ago, Helps me spreading good words when I'm not around the computer!

What are your thoughts on hashtags?

Frenchie Boi: I don't use them much to be honest. It's probably over used sometimes. The only real interest is using # when it comes to trends and news. Otherwise, I find it useless.

What tips would you like to share with those who are struggling with their Twitter persona?

Frenchie Boi: I have so much to share with them.

  • First of all, when you don't have that many followers, you should mix up your twitter strategy.
  • Never spam the same links in the same hour.
Users will unfollow you If all you do is spam links to your music and to random people. People follow other people when they see something interesting FOR THEM. It becomes a great tool for marketing when you start getting people attention and a great numbers of followers.

I see so many artists opening a twitter account just to post their links to hundreds of people and say "hey check my music I'm the best ...." -> This is useless and it's an industry suicide. Twitter is a powerful tool when you know how to use it!

Any final thoughts?

Frenchie Boi: It can takes months or years to build a strong twitter account. Don't rush, don't spam, stick to what people need to hear, not what you want them to hear.

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