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Gigantic Google+ Directory (Who to Add)

Google+ is awesome and it can be confusing! It took me some time to understand the awesomeness of the community. If you are a musician you SHOULD be utilizing this resource.

Google+ is awesome

Google+ is awesome because of the communities, the engagement and the +1 factor. I love the ability to engage with multiple members of the Google+ community. I decided to check out Google+ this past weekend and all I have to say is wow.

I learned so much from watching tutorials and observing what works from some of my favorite Social Media influencers. I learned how to set up Google Authorship for my blog. I also learned about Google+ communities thanks to Jesse Wojdylo.

If you are new to Google+ I would advise joining these two communities: Google+ Discuss and Google Plus Pro Tips.

Musicians SHOULD be using Google+ because of Google Hangouts!

Google+ can be confusing

Google+ can be confusing for those who do not understand the concept of circles. I was actually intimidated by the circles and setting up a Google+ page.

I slowly taught myself how to use this platform and I discovered that it is not that difficult to use. Engagement with real people is what I value the most about the Google+ community. Oh and you can customize your circles based on interest.

I thought that I did not have the time to share on a new Social Network. Boy was I wrong. If you are strategic with your posts and share quality posts you will be set.

Below I have compiled a lovely list of Google Plussers (based on my Social Media Influencers Circle) that you might want to follow (or circle on) on Google Plus. Check out the communities as well.

Aaron Lee
Adam Connell
Adrian Jock
Adrienne Smith
AJ Kohn
Alexandra Riecke-Gonzalez
Amy Lynn Andrews
Amy Vernon
Ana Hoffman
Andrij Harasewych
Anita Levesque
Ann Handley
Ann Tran
Annetta Powell
Ann Smarty
Anson Alexander
Arianna Huffington
Ashley Faulkes

Ben Parr
Bill Gassett
Blair Glaser
Bob Dunn
Bobbi Jo Woods
Bonnie Sainsbury
Bradley Horowitz
Brian Clark
Brian Dean
Brian Frank
Brian Glick
Brian Jensen
Bruce Sallan
Bup Sahn

Carrie Morgan
Cathy Presland
Chad Knasinski
Chef Praveen
Chris Brogan
Corey Koehler
Courtney Ramirez
Cynthia Sanchez

Dan Cristo
Daniel Sharkov
Danielle Kelly
Dapinder Singh
Darcy Zalewski
Darren Rowse
Dave Powell
David Amerland
David Nicola
Demain Farnworth
Denis Wallez
Dharmesh Shah
Diana Adams
Douglas Kim
Dr. Marctagon Marc A.
Dustin W. Stout

Edsel Mendoza
Eliel Guilhen
Eli Fennell
Evo Terra

Fast Company

Gail Gardner
George Iacovacci
George Takei
Ginger Schneider
Grant Tilus
Guy Kawasaki

Hiten Shah

Ian Clearly
Ileane Smith

J.C. Kendall (RIP)
Jaana Nyström
Jada Graves
Jamie Leger
Jan Gordon
Jay Baer
Jeff Bullas
Jen Olney
Jeremy Leon
Jesse Wojdylo
Jessica Northey
Jim Munro
Joel Arellano
Joel Gascoigne
John Kellden
John Paul Aguiar
Joshua Berg
Justin Whitaker

Kathy Morlock
Kim Beasley
Kim Garst
Kimberly Castleberry
Kimberly Reynolds
Krista Bunskoek
Kristi Hines
Kunle Campbell

Laura Crest
Lauren Cohrs
Lauren Sutton
Leo Widrich
Lilach Bullock
Linda Sherman
Lisa Bridwell
Lisa Griffin
Loren Weisman
Luis Galarza

Mack Collier
Madalyn Sklar
Mari Smith
Marie Leslie
Mark Harai
Mark Traphagen
Marques Brownlee
Martha Griffen
Martin Holmes
Marvin Shervington
Maloney Hall
Michael Bennett
Michael Hyatt
Mike Allton
Mike Cutts
Misty McPadden

Natalie Villalobos
Neil Patel
Nicolina Wroblewski
Nikol Murphy

Peg Fitzpatrick
Phil Buckley

Rand Fishkin
Rand Wilson
Ray Hiltz
Rebekah Radice
Reginald Chan
Regina Rodriguez
Ronnie Bincer

Samantha Gluck
Sarah Hill
Scott Ayres
Scott Kleinberg
Sean Cowen
Sean Gardner
Seth Godin
Social Media Today
Stephan Hovnanian
Steven Levy
Steve Rayson
Stephen Hughes
Susan Gunelis

Ted Rubin
Tim Ferriss
Tim Soulo
Tom Bukacek
Tony Restell
Trey Ratcliff

Vala Afshar
Vic Gundotra

Will Chase

Yifat Cohen
Yuko Nakamura

Thank you for taking the time to read this list post. This is an on-going post and I will be adding people to this directory on a weekly basis (if you want to be added please drop a comment).

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