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5 Facebook Pages Every Hip Hop Fan Should Follow

What are Facebook Pages?

Facebook Pages are great because they make it easier to share information and connect with people. In the past I have shared the importance of hip-hop blogs and message boards. Today I want to focus on the best hip hop facebook pages.

Personally I do not like to check my personal Facebook account but I will gravitate to a Facebook Fan Page in a minute.

If you are interested in creating a Facebook Page for your business or brand click HERE.

The five Facebook Pages every hip hop fan should follow includes: I Live Hip, HipHopDx, Hip-Hop Memes, Hip-Hop Revolution and RealHipHopHead.

1. I Live Hip-Hop

+ 24/7 Hip-Hop Coverage
+ Great mix of written posts, photo posts and video posts
+ Good utilization of hashtags
+ Strong following

2. HipHopDX

+ The Internet's #1 Source for Hip Hop News, Interviews, Music & Reviews
+ Huge Following
+ Sunday Night Networking Session (great networking opportunity for artists, bloggers, photographers, etc)
+ Call to Action drives traffic to website

3. Hip-Hop Memes

+ Most of the content is visual
+ Hilarious Memes (a meme is is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea)
+ Huge Following


+ Great Community
+ Boasts an impressive Admin collective (Akil the MC from Jurassic 5!)
+ Good Content (the descriptions for their material is on point)

5. RealHipHopHead

+ Great mix of content
+ Growing Community
+ The Visual content that this page posts is awesome
+ The text post from this page are some of the best that I have seen on Facebook

More Facebook Pages Every Hip Hop Fan Should Follow

The 4 Elements of Hip-Hop
Certified Hip Hop Feed
Classic Hip Hop
Dj Booth
ET the Hip Hop Preacher
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Hip-Hop Fights Back
Hip Hop Golden Age
Hip-Hop's Golden Era
Hip Hop is a Way of Life
Hot New Hip Hop
Killer Hip Hop
Old School Hip-Hop
Only Hip Hop Facts
Real Hip Hop Forever
REAL HIP HOP is NOT oN the Radio
Sphere Of Hip Hop
Support REAL Hip-Hop.
Underground Hip Hop Community

What are your favorite Hip Hop Pages?

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