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12 Proven Ways to Improve Your Hip-Hop Blog Submissions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Good Music is all your need to get on hip-hop blogs (looks around). Here the truth, hip-hop blog coverage is determined by relationships and professionalism.

I started writing about this last year after I pitched Professional Hobbyist. I found that I was submitting music to the same blogs. I decided to research and find more blogs to submit my music to.

I was exposed to international blogs, beatmaking blogs, mainstream blogs, etc. I had to compile a list to help others.

The list was compiled to help aspiring artists and beatmakers find a place for their music. I found that it was easy to compile the list given the research that I conducted yet I did not write how artists could garner attention from the blogs.

Last month I wrote a blog post that examined rules for creating the perfect music submission.

Below you will find an Infographic that highlights 12 proven way to improve your hip-hop music blog submissions.

Image provided by Know Life



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