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Freestyle Rap Better By Writing Down Rhyming Words

One of the key elements in your freestyle rap arsenal is the ability to rhyme. The more rhyming words you know the easier it is to flow fluidly without stumbling.

In the past I wrote a post about Rhyming Prompts. The basic idea of rhyming prompts revolves around writing down words that rhyme and coming back to them at a later date.

Resources Needed

Written Aid (Dictionary, Rhyming Dictionary, Thesaurus, Book, Magazine)
Visual Aid (Watching TV, Charts, Graphs)

In order to achieve this goal you need to make sure you take advantage of available resources. Written aids and visual aids are great ways to access words.

The inclusion of the timer gives you the ability to think on your toes. I believe that 30 seconds is enough time to generate a list of rhyming words.

The Process

1. Set up your ideal writing environment
2. Select a word (for example, Cat)
3. Set your timer for 30 seconds
4. Start your timer
5. Write down as many rhyming words as you can
6. Stop your timer after 30 seconds
7. Cue your instrumental
8. Use the words that you wrote down as your guide
9. Repeat the process for a new word

The goal of this process is to prevent you from stumbling when you are freestyling. Start off simple in regards to selecting words. Attack multi-syllable words after you have mastered simple words.

For Example: Select an one syllable word and write down all the words that rhyme with it. All you have is 30 seconds. This will test your mental swiftness.

The act of repetition imprints those words into your long term memory thus enhancing ability to improvise.

Image provided by Danny Stanford

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