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3 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your SoundCloud Interaction

Soundcloud is one big cocktail party. Over 10 million registered users utilize this awesome site.

SoundCloud is an audio message board!

The interactive website makes it easier for people to share their music with the world.

According to Wikipedia, SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings by users.

I am grateful for SoundCloud founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfross. They have made it easier for me and countless others to share our content with the world.

I gravitated towards SoundCloud after witnessing the success of my friend Ben Z. Ben, a Wisconsin based emcee, picked up on the collaborative potential of this site and he collaborated with countless artists from all over the world.

I was amazed at his genre-blending ability and organizational skills. He also recorded an awesome Audiobiography that changed the way I viewed SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is awesome because of the interactive component. The SoundCloud Community does an excellence job working with the SoundCloud Heroes to devise creative opportunities.

The SoundCloud heroes are promoting National Poetry Month (this month) with this collaborative project.

Think about the popularity of SoundCloud for a minute and ponder this. Drake, yes that Drake, shared "Started From The Bottom" on SoundCloud. Pusha T shared "Exodus 23:1" and J. Cole utilized SoundCloud to premier "Power Trip", "Miss America" and "The Cure". I hope you see the trend here. SoundCloud is also the go to audio resource for versatile beatmaker Ta-Ku. They utilize SoundCloud because they understand the interactive and sharing potential of the website.

UPDATE: Jay-Z premiered "Open Letter" and Pusha T premiered "Numbers On The Boards" today on SoundCloud.

I gravitated to the community because it gave me the ability to interact with creators of sound.

I quickly noticed that a lot of users were not utilizing the site to well interact. Artists would post tracks and just go on with their day (I can speak from experience because that is what I did).

So I decided to create a blog post that revolves around improving your interaction on SoundCloud. Below I will highlight three tips to help increase your SoundCloud Interaction.

1. Listen

Your listening experience will be enhanced if you take the time to listen to other artists. Open your ears and listen to the sounds of the world.

Praverb Tip: My listening experience is not restricted to one genre I try to listen to various sounds. I am appreciative of creative people.

2. Comment

The listening process is the first step and commenting is the second step. Take the time to leave feedback for material that you enjoy. I have found that people usually reciprocate. You will also notice an increase in your SoundCloud followers as well.

Leaving comments is awesome but not all comments are created equal. Leave meaningful comments when you can!. If you really enjoy a track let the artist know. That little pat on the back goes a long way.

Leave comments that show you listened to the track. It can be a feeling, the song lyrics, the production, etc.

Reply to comments as well. Take the time to show your gratitude. I tend to reply to every comment. Yes! every comment.

Praverb Tip: I usually follow everyone back that follows me and I try to listen to one of their songs. I usually drop feedback on everything that I listen to.

3. Repost

If you like a song repost it! Share the music that you love.

Reposting is similar to Retweeting in this regard, your reposted song will appear at the top of your feed. Think of it as pinning a post on Facebook. This is the first thing that people see when they check your profile. You have the ability to share what you are listening to with the masses.

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