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The Best Gig That I Ever Purchased on Fiverr

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Last October I wrote a blog entry about the power of Fiverr. I am amazed at the sheer entrepreneurial spirit that the site provides.

There are thousands of sellers on Fiverr that do crazy things for $5 dollars (Linsey Fryatt wrote an amazing article on this). I have been a member on Fiverr for about 7 months and I have bought over 20 gigs.

I'm pretty sure that you are aware that starving artists are broke. We tend to want everything FREE. Usually free work = waiting until the person has free time to assist you. Who really has free time nowadays? This is where Fiverr comes into play.

The Graphics & Design section is filled with sellers who provide Logos, Business Card artwork, Banners & Headers, Landing Pages, Web Design and more. This is one of my favorite categories because I get the opportunity to change my banner header ever now and then.

Praverb Tip: All artists should have a website (it is the central hub for all your other Social Media sites).

The Videos & Animation section is also a favorite of mine. You should definitely browse this category if you have videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Praverb Tip: Having a nice customized video intro enhances your brand recognition.

I have purchased some duds and some winners. Three days ago I purchased a gig from hendratok. The header that you see on this site was designed by him. He provided me with the best gig that I have ever purchased on Fiverr.

Check out hendratok's Gigs on Fiverr

I advise you to search for the best gig. Take the time to read the reviews (feedback). I usually try to work with Top Rated Sellers but they usually are busy.

Would you ever consider using Fiverr?

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