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RT This - Examining The Art of Retweeting

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If you are similar to me then your frequent Twitter numerous times during the day. I tweet primarily from my iPhone yet I conduct Twitter interviews via the computer.

The issue that I deal with revolves around structuring my tweets (Hootsuite and Buffer are great for Automation). I always thought that a barrage of links would be most effective in terms of getting information out to the masses. Recently I have restricted the inclusion of links because I thought I contributed to the spam problem haha. How does a musician, marketer, author, graphic designer, blogger, etc broadcast without relying on links?

Twitter, as Dan Zarrella stated, is a broadcast medium with a two-way comment feature. Dan suggests that if you’re interested in ReTweets, broadcasting lots of interesting content works much better than "engaging in the conversation."

I agree with the previous statement. I believe you can share a lot of valuable information via Twitter yet I also believe that engagement is huge for your marketing purposes. Engaging with customers, fans, etc all enhance your brand's reach.

In order to learn how to RT we must examine what a RT is.

What is a RT (Retweet)?

Twitter Help Center states that a retweet is a re-posting of someone else's Tweet. Twitter's retweet feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers.

Basically a retweet extends your tweet to more tweeters. Your tweets are strategically placed in front of people who may or may not be following you.

What things are RT (Retweet) worthy?

There are a variety of things that are RT worthy. Retweet worthy content informs, educates, inspires, and entertains the masses.

RT Worthy Content (Examples):
New music, Quotes, Song lyrics, How to tutorials, Self-Help, Funny videos, Funny jokes, images, Hashtags, Gigs, Announcements, and more.

How can we become better Retweeters?

We become better retweeters by understanding the art of retweeting. Garin states that getting retweeted is a great way to extend your influence online.

Take the time to examine your favorite Tweeters and find out what works for them. Retweet content that informs, educates, inspires, and entertains and retweet content that appeals to you.

How to produce retweet-able content

In order to produce retweet-able content you must understand your audience. Research what time your audience is online and schedule your tweets around that time.

Bridget Williard suggests that If You Want to be Retweeted, Be Retweet-able.

You will always be retweeted if you present content that is valuable to your audience.

You also have to mix up your Tweets.

If you tweet links make sure your headlines attract attention.

Be creative in your approach to tweeting. You can tweet lyrics from your latest song. You can tweet a quote from an album review or interview. You can tweet about what inspires you.

If you are a blogger you can tweet about your favorite blogs. You can tweet tips, HTML secrets, etc. The key is presenting retweet-able content.

What type of content produces the most retweets for you?

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