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Over 100 International Beatmakers That Will Make You Pull Out The Pad And Pen

I decided to put together another post that highlights international production. This time I did a little research and found over 100 international beatmakers!

This post is inspired by this post: 32 International Beatmakers That Will Make You Pull Out The Pad And Pen.

I love the fact that the hip-hop culture is worldwide. I honestly would love to visit different places around the world and compare and contrast the hip-hop experience.

Soundcloud has definitely improved my appreciation for the international massive. I like Bandcamp for hosting one's catalog yet Soundcloud is better for networking purposes.

When I first started rhyming I stumbled upon a goldmine in Strictly Beats. Strictly Beats pretty much spearheaded my inclination towards international production. I also credit Producers I Know, Beat Tape Co-Op and Rapohnelizenz for helping me discover international beatmakers.

The purpose of this post revolves around promotion and exposure. All of the beatmakers on this list strive for both and deserve both. They also deserve more from us (emcees). Interact with them, Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and SoundCloud etc.

Hopefully you enjoy this list of beatmakers because I enjoyed putting it together.

12fingerdan (Germany)

AAyhasis (France)
Abstrakt Beats (Canada)
Alphanumeric (Australia)
Always Blunted Productions (Belgium)
Aral & Sauzé (Belgium)
Alter Ego (Australia)
Avens (Poland)
AZA (Sweden)

Batsauce (Germany)
B.B.Z. Darney (Sweden)
Beat Butcha (UK)
Beat Gates (Croatia)
Beatnick Dee (UK)
Beats Home (Australia)
Beatsofreen (Netherlands)
Ben Swain (UK)
Big Ben Beats (France)
Blastah Beatz (Portugal)
Blazeitdown (UK)
Bmbu (Dominican Republic)
Brenk Sinatra (Austria)
Buck Oner (France)

Cappah (UK)
Chilea's Beat (France)
Chillow (Belgium)
Cloud 9 (UK)
Configa (UK)
Cool FD Beats (France)
The Corporate Thief Beats (Ireland)
Crz Beatz (Latvia)
Cypria (UK)
Czientist Beats (Germany)

Dalt1fmd (Poland)
Da Madcats (Belgium)
Danny Diggs (Canada)
Debonair P (Australia)
Decksterrortry (UK)
Dencko (Chile)
deebs (Canada)
Deepstar (Australia)
Deli Beats (UK)
Develop (Australia)
Devil McDOOM (Sweden)
Dichter 2 Productions (Germany)
Die-Rek (Canada)
dinobeatz (Sweden)
Dj Beatstone (Russia)
Dj Bizkid (Germany)
Dj Brans (France)
Dj Duke (France)
Dj Grazzhoppa (Belgium)
Dj Hellblazer (France)
Dj Kidcut (Germany)
Dj Koss (Belgium)
Dj Nappa (UK)
D-Kay Drummasta (Russia)
DK (Canada)
DondaBeats (Philippines)
Donqui Shot (Germany)
Drin BeaTs (Brazil)
Duds One (Australia)
DuqueNuquem (Canada)

Elements (Sweden)
Elhuana (Poland)
Emay (Canada)
Empne (Greece)
Endemic (UK)
Esquina Da Gentil (Brazil)
Eversor (Greece)

FakeHunters (France)
Felix Zenger (Finland)
Flip (Austria)
FloFilz (Germany)
Foka (Poland)
Fonetik Simbol (Iceland)
FrostyFIN (Finland)
Fumitake (Bun) (Japan)
Fubá Beats (Brazil)
Funky Notes (Switzerland)

Gadget (UK)
Galus (Poland)
Gas-Lab (Argentina)
GodzG (UK)
Grammatik (Slovenia)

HardJazz7 (UK)
Haz’ Beats (New Zealand)
HERVÉ (France)
Hi-Que (Ireland)
HRVSTR (Germany)
hunkE (Canada)

ICBM (France)
Ill.Sugi (Japan)
Imperial Beats (UK)
Inspecta Morze (UK)

Jabbathakut (UK)
Jatos (Poland)
Jaze Baqti (France)
Jazz Spastiks (UK)
Jimmer Man (UK)
JP Balboa (Italy)
Julious Marvesol (Spain)

ΚΔΣ (Greece)
Kallsen (Germany)
Kbee Original (UK)
Kemp (Germany)
Kenke (Spain)
KenLo Craqnuques (Canada)
Kesrey (France)
Kesti (France)
Khaderbai (Switzerland)
KickBack (Netherlands)
Kingverse (Iceland)
KlaaneGemaane (Belgium)
Klim Beats (Ukraine)
Koen Beats (Netherlands)
Kondor (Poland)
Kosyne (UK)
Koyto Beats (Spain)
Kriswontwo (Denmark)
Krzynio (Poland)
Kuoter (Poland)
Kyo Itachi (France)

laBoulangerie (Switzerland)
loop.holes (Norway)
Le MELODiST (France)
Lenyone (Serbia)
Lex Luthorz (Spain)
LJones (Canada)
LMB Beats (Zimbabwe)

Mad Step (Ukraine)
magOwl (Sweden)
Manonwire (UK)
Matt Miller (New Zealand)
Maw- (Finland)
Mazzie (UK)
mdusu (Australia)
Melodiesinfonie (Switzerland)
MetaMorph (Romania)
Mighty Moe (Germany)
Mistapool (Belarus)
Monk' (France)
Moose Dawa (Sweden)
Motel Eola (UK)
Moz (Croatia)
Mr. Troy (France)
M.W.P. (Denmark)

Napalm (Canada)
NecKClippA (Sweden)
Neemah (Switzerland)
Nhu-Rha (Norway)
Ninety One (France)
Notafake (Poland)

OffBeatKid (Russia)
Oracle Da Goldsmif (Belgium)
Orion (UK)
Osurek Bertop (Japan)

Pawelg. (Poland)
Pause Beats (Sweden)
Pawcut (Germany)
Payozo (France)
Poldoore (Belgium)
Politiks Productions (Germany)
Poison Hertz (Argentina)
P.R (Australia)
ProphetNine (UK)
Propo 88'(Netherlands)

RELIC (Canada)
Richy D (UK)
Robot Orchestra (Germany)
Roc Beatz aka Dj Shocca (Italy)
Root & Groove Element (UK)

Sampai Beats (France)
Sato Beats (Japan)
Scriz (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Semiologist (France)
Skipless (Finland)
Sickdrumz (New Zealand)
SimonAyEm (Switzerland)
Simplex (Australia)
Singularis (Netherlands)
SMIMOOZ (Belgium)
Somepling (France)
Soulpete (Poland)
Soulseeker (Netherlands)
Soulseize Music (Switzerland)
Soulslicers (Switzerland)
Soulsparkers (Norway)
Soul Square (France)
Soulution (Netherlands)
Sparkii Ski (UK)
Steady Rock (UK)
Stevo (Germany)
str8Buttah (Nigeria)
S-Type (UK)
Supafuh the Vintager (France)
Surce Beats (Spain)
Swing Johnson (France)
Symphonik Bang (Switzerland)

TE1 Productions (UK)
T.E.A. aka Slave Masta (Czech Republic)
TerminallyILL (Australia)
The Cancel (France)
The Hitfarmers (Germany)
The Returners (Poland)
This is Tomorrow (Luxembourg)
Thomas Prime (UK)
Tois De Noise (Netherlands)
Tru Comers (Switzerland)
Tuelv (Poland)
Tyran Beats (Poland)

Union Analogtronics (France)

Vanilla (UK)
VidDa (Portugal)
Vinyl Frontiers (Netherlands)
Vinyl Obscura (Turkey)
Vlopper (Canada)
Vokab Beats (Canada)

Waatu (Canada)
Wantigga (Netherlands)
Well Aware (UK)
Weirdo Beats (Italy)
Wizard Beats (UK)
Wun Two (Germany)

Yarquino (Spain)
Yeiv (France)

Ziekefons (Netherlands)

Please share this post via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, email, and other social media sites. I would love for all of the beatmakers on this list to view this post, help me make this happen.

Please direct me to more international beatmakers. Thank You.

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