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weatherPROOF - Dirty Naturals (Track By Track Album Review)

Bryan Scheiner operates the inspirational culture preserving hip-hop website known as TheBeeShine. I actually interviewed Bryan last year.

Dirty Naturals highlights the rhyme skills of Bryan Scheiner fka Event and his rhyming comrade Remsa (together they form weatherPROOF). The two New Jersey based hip-hop artists serve up hip-hop with a classic feel.

The album features West Coast luminary Ras Kass, underground legend Louis Logic, Sam Doom and more.

weatherPROOF does not blow you away with intricate rhyme schemes or complex metaphors. They DO excel at collaborating with one another. The chemistry is definitely evident on this album.

I decided to provide a track by track review of Dirty Naturals. You can check out Dirty Naturals on Bandcamp. You can listen to the album while reading the review as well.

Dirty Naturals - The talented duo attacks the calm production on "Dirty Naturals" with ease. Remsa, the bass heavy emcee, states that "hip-hop is my religion." Event, the higher pitched emcee cleverly rhymes that they "keep ourselves grounded, covered in dirt."

Cult Classic (feat. Ras Kass) - "Cult Classic" is the first collaborative track on the album. weatherPROOF share the spotlight with West Coast legend Ras Kass. Ras Kass spits true bombs as he suggests that "dog, I know that I'm one of the best/ the problem is that rap turned into a popularity contest."

Event provides a stellar third verse to conclude a dope track. This track is replay worthy!

Yellow Brick Road - Yes sir...the track opens with some dope scratching and Remsa shares some introspective rhymes on the first verse. Event rips his verse to shreds, love the rhyme scheme and the passion in his voice. This track definitely needed a video and well you can catch it below (love the vintage feel of the video as well).

Conscious - Another introspective gem from weatherPROOF. Something definitely stands out so far...Event is the better technical emcee yet Remsa has the better voice. This is evident on the third verse as both emcees spit 8 bars a piece.

Truth Be Told - The thing that I like about Remsa is that he reminds me of RA the Rugged Man voice wise. I like the reggae influenced production on "Truth Be Told", I believe that Concept was responsible for this beat. Event states that weatherPROOF doesn't "write songs, we experience life/ we write till we feel the experience twice."

Seasons (feat. Louis Logic, Andrew Lonardo) - Remsa and Event perform well on this collaborative track with Louis Logic. Remsa reflects about summertime events and car rides while Event talks about the specifics of certain seasons. Yes I said it Louis freaking Logic. He picks up the track and bodyslams it haha. Louis Logic presents a verse filled with imagery. Louis Logic delivers a quotable verse yet these lines stick out, "achieving your goals to challenge, which isn't too much to do if you got soul and talent."

Andrew Lonardo adds a lovely vocal addition towards the end of the track.

Blue School (feat. The Inscrypshun) - Dope track, everybody flexes well on this track. The production is really stellar and I actually love the guest verse from The Inscrypshun. Event drops a strong line, "nowadays they find rappers straight out the Boondocks."

Break the Mold - Whew the production for "Break the Mold" is sick! Loving the beats on this project. The chemistry shines once again between Remsa and Event. Nice work!

Riff Raff (feat. Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars) - Another stellar collab! Whew love the international connection with Orifice Vulgatron of The Foreign Beggars. This track is slick. Check it out and let me know if you feel the same.

Everything (feat. Sam Doom) - Every album has to have a slick track dedicated towards goals and dreams. "Everything" is that track. Sam Doom is a nice addition to the track as evidenced by his careful and playful delivery.

Inspiration - Great way to close the album. "Inspiration" showcases the strength of this album (the production). The actual rhyming is not bad yet Event in my opinion is the better rhymer. Not saying that Remsa is the Big Pooh to Event's Phonte, just saying that the differences are noticeable. Remsa sums up his simplistic yet effective style on "Inspiration" with this line, "it is the essence of the old school flow you know."

What is your favorite song off of Dirty Naturals?

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