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Video: Juneten - The New Rap Rebel (Lyrics)

Shout out to the homie e.d.g.e. for sending the link for this awesome track. I like Juneten's off the wall lyricism.

The Vancouver based emcee presents a throwback based video that is full of witty wordplay and alliteration. Check out the lyrics below.

Lyrics for The New Rap Rebel:

[Verse 1 - Juneten]
Advertise the acid dye Vulcan hammer to the grammar
Orion belt thief
walking with a panther and some alkalines
carry the Dada platter off grounds parameter pacified
With a two piece in plain sight
pander for the pantomime
Meander mosaics
aim right for the loose leaf
museum sea:Panama
Anaximander sanctified:
Standardized moon piece
levee Receipt leaf pulp
Feet up in a parabola nest
magma malt mess molten magnified
Obscure camera news feed suggests
unthawed gods in the cave light
...untold of flesh ,two feet and the daylight
when seen deemed amateur at best
View piece camera shy
over dramatized Lazarus effect
Bet satellite
Thousand tide karma
Labyrinth the set monster

[Verse 2 - Juneten]
Brains breathe the sent of no windpipe
wailing on algorithms
Rubix ribboned thought counter
single solitary string theory
..Giant glaciers in arctic religion
spilled the prism vision tasered
Fetch clouds in opaque haven
Slipped beneath feet of fleeting shadows
Imprinted clothe new forms
Malaysian epic flu born
Don’t need no premise
commissioned new born
Might need a decoder...
Hedo Turkulu shoe horn
technique of the reach is dimming sleep
rule and line don’t conquer no mystery G...
Wonder and astonishment
Permanence and providence
Dynamo copper stitch
bank of lights,Pikes Peak to Paris
play fight: watch peeps die and perish
while pioneering theories
go unpublished...repulsive
tabloid ghost write Einstein for loose greyhound loot
shoot an astronaut in his foot
for his good space suit
we goin'...

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