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Supastition - The Blackboard EP (Track by Track Album Review)

Back on April 26, 2010, North Carolina based emcee Supastition aka Kam Moye announced that he was retiring from the game based on the "state of the music industry and where it’s going."

Late last year, Supastition fans were shocked to find out that Supastition was recording a new album (The Blackboard EP). Fast forward to 2013 and well it's finally here.

I have been a Supastition fan since the 2002 release of 7 Years of Bad Luck.

The Blackboard EP highlights the hunger of a mature man as evidenced by his renewed spirit and energy. Supastition still boosts braggadocio rhymes, pinpoint lyricism, storytelling skills and brutal honesty that made him world renown.

The release of this EP suggests that Supastition did not fully retire, he just took a hiatus. I decided to share this track by track review of The Blackboard EP. You can check out The Blackboard EP on Bandcamp. You can listen to the album while reading along with the review.

The Blackboard (feat. Faust & Shortee) - Supastition kicks off The Blackboard EP with the Gang Starr inspired track "The Blackboard". The production from Rik Marvel is on point and it gives Supastition room to attack the beat with precision. Channeling his inner professor, Supa states he is "steady played by DJs who carry heavy crates." The addition of Los Angeles based Dj duo Dj Faust and Shortee on the hook is awesome.

Daydream - Veterano is a beast hands down...I love his production. Supastition presents three verses that revolve around a daydream. Check out these lyrics, "I dream bigger than the city that I sleep in/ feels like I’m speeding and everyone’s in slow motion/ but when I try to show leadership and teach them/ they take it as I’m talking down on ‘em and showboating." Quotables galore!

Indestructible (feat. Faust & Shortee) - Supastition and M-Phazes rekindle the chemistry that they displayed on The Deadline and Chain Letters. This is Supastition at his best, spitting braggadocio rhymes over dope production. The bravado shines as Supastition raps "I’m the man, my pregnant mama said to honor Kam/ the doctors saw the rap hands moving in my sonogram."

Rejoice - Supastition teams Veterano once again for the introspective track "Rejoice". Supa touches on why he retired in 2010. I love the transparency that Supa displays on this track. I learned that Supastition was dealing with personal issues, depression, and some health concerns.

Best Worst Day - This track highlights Supastition's storytelling skills. This track is on the same wavelength as past Supastition classic tracks "Fallen Star," "Split Decision," and "A Baby Story".

I interviewed Supastition and he stated that he loves "the art of storytelling but I don’t write stories with happy endings." The production is handled by Dirty Art Club. Supastition seems to draw inspiration from the move "The Sixth Sense". I definitely enjoyed the storytelling plus I laughed a few times.

Yada Yada - Dope track that was released as the single. Supastition teams up with the one and only Marco Polo. Supa serves up a barrage of quotables without a hook. This is the true display of lyricism. Check out the dope video below.

Expectations - This cut is awesome (produced by The Mighty DR); Supastition serves up his expectations in regards to music and women. The first verse is directed towards his expectations of emcees. Supa states that he likes "dope rhymes over sick production is all I really ask for cut and dry." Supastition states on that female heavy second verse that he wants "a humble woman
who loves God...and her personal life." I love the scratching samples that The Mighty DR utilizes towards the end of the track (that Common line and Canibus line is bonkers).

Perfect World (feat. Dominique) - A "Perfect World" is another transparent track. Supa touches on two different issues on the Croup produced "Perfect World." On the first verse Supastition touches on friends and how they disappeared when he retired. When he resurfaced though, the same people "reappear when they needed a verse."

The second verse touches on producers that left Supastition on an island. The talented emcee raps, "seeing some producers that you helped build a buzz/ treat you like a peasant the second they start feeling loved." Later in the verse Supastition states that they stopped "speaking when they reached the 50’s and Kweli’s." The song highlights the importance of friendship and how changes in circumstance can affect that relationship.

What is your favorite song off of The Blackboard EP?

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