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Engage Viewers and Present A Better Call to Action with Viewbix

About a month ago I received an awesome email from a Viewbix representative. This person (Ben Bernstein) provided a short description of the benefits of using Viewbix.

I was a little skeptical to reply to the email so I decided to do a little research. The skepticism was erased after I researched the interactive power of Viewbix (the reply was sent). Ben took the time to present a working version of the app (which you can see below, he added the toolbar to the "Progression" video).

Ben also took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions regarding Viewbix which you can find below.


First and foremost would you mind providing some background information about Viewbix?

Viewbix was created in order to allow anyone who creates videos to market their videos in an effective and cost efficient manner. We do that by allowing users to create a customized video player for their needs.

How does Viewbix engage viewers?

Viewbix allows video creators to insert clickable apps into their video. These apps appear directly within the video player without forcing someone to be redirected to another site.

With Viewbix you can:

- Get someone to sign up for your mailing list
- Show them a Google Map with the location of your next gig
- Let them see your Twitter or RSS feed
- Show them a Photo Album

These are only some of the amazing apps we have available. In addition, users can place a call to action button above their video or a logo with a link to wherever they want to send the user.

Your website suggests that more than 20% of the viewers who watch a video in a Viewbix click on the call to action button or engage with at least one of the apps inside the player itself. Would you please elaborate on the purpose on creating an effective call to action within an existing video?

Video Marketing is huge not only for artists but for any business that is serious about internet marketing. However, once people see your video, what is the next step?

In other words, what is the point of getting them to see your video if they aren't going to take any action?

The Viewbix player allows you to place a call to action button in your video player, allowing your video viewers to take some sort of action instead of just passively watching the video. This is in addition to apps such as the mailing list sign up that lets you get contacts directly from your video.

What video sharing programs does Viewbix support?

Users can take a link from their YouTube or Vimeo to create a video player or they can upload an MP4 directly (the MP4 must be coded for HTML 5).

Does Viewbix have mobile capabilities?

Absolutely. The Viewbix video player works in Iphone, Ipad and Android. In addition our player is fully functional in Facebook and Twitter allowing you to basically have a mini website within your social media. Viewbix is now also available for WIX users in the app market for free.

How long has Viewbix been around and what is the ultimate goal for Viewbix?

Viewbix has been around since April 2011. Viewbix's ultimate goal is to be the standard video player for artists and small businesses on the internet.

What is the intended target audience for Viewbix?

Anyone who uses video marketing on the internet can take advantage of Viewbix but Viewbix is especially attractive for artists and small businesses because it allows you to scale your marketing efforts for a small amount of money.

If I wanted to try Viewbix, who should I contact?

People can sign up for a FREE Viewbix player at Viewbix. We also have a PRO plan for those interested in more features. If you need any help you can contact us at support@viewbix.com.

People should use Viewbix because...

It looks great on your website, it works on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, people DO click the apps and engage with the player and it's FREE to try!

Thank you for interviewing me. In a couple of days we will be having a winter special on our site allowing you to get a PRO plan for 50% off.

In the mean time our basic player is free so I hope everyone will try out our player.

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