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Do You Value Lyrics and Wordplay? (Supastition Interview)

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I am very excited to share this Rhyme Perspective interview with the one and only Kam Moye aka Supastition. Kam shares insight on his latest release The Blackboard EP, touring Europe, future projects, and the true value of lyrics and wordplay.

Check out the interview below and let me know if you truly value lyrics and wordplay.

First and foremost, why did you decide to name your latest project The Blackboard EP?

It was a return to what I learned in the earlier years before I got caught up in the music industry. I had a chance to record this EP without any pressure or expectations. There was nobody around to guide me or steer me in a different direction. The Blackboard is about having a basic understanding of your sound, your purpose, and your strong points.

In a couple of songs you reference touring Europe. What European destinations did you enjoy visiting the most?

My favorites were France, Finland, and anywhere in Scandinavia. Even though it’s not in Europe, Australia was one of the best experiences too. Those years that I toured heavily, I met some die hard fans who knew every word of my songs. I never realized it at the time of recording The Deadline and Chain Letters but some hip hop heads abroad respected me even more for working with producers from their countries. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was always known more overseas than at home.

Do you see yourself touring Europe in the future?

At some point I plan on returning to Europe for a few shows. I will never tour as much as I did before because it’s just too much for my family to deal with. Plus, it’s hard to keep a steady job and hit the road all the time. If I can help it, I’ll do some shows here and there or maybe touring during certain times of the year. Music is no longer a full-time job for me so there has to be a balance.

Speaking of Europe, you have a lot of fans that reside overseas. Do you get the same love locally that you get overseas?

Man, hell nah! I probably got more love in North Carolina once I quit the music biz. I do have some supporters where I’m from but it’s a small niche crowd. Overseas, I have done shows with over 1000 people and I’ve made some decent money. I’ve had fans reciting my verses word for word. At home, everyone thinks you’re a $200 legend. They recognize your accomplishments and respect it but they can’t see themselves paying you more than $200.

I personally love songs with concepts. In the past you released songs like "Fallen Star", "Split Decisions", "A Baby Story" and more. What influenced you to write "Best Worst Day"?

I love the art of storytelling but I don’t write stories with happy endings. I’m sure you can tell that "Best Worst Day" was clearly inspired the movie "The Sixth Sense". I just wanted to make a hip hop version of the song but also indirectly poke fun at the fact that I’m fairly unnoticed in the city that I live. I can walk into record stores and radio stations here but folks are clueless to who I am. Only time you can really receive attention is when you die and then everybody praises you and plays your songs.

Being a fan of lyricism I value the honesty expressed on "Expectations". What artists inspire you to pick up the pen instantly?

I’m all about lyrics and wordplay, man. I listen to cats like Royce, Elzhi, Phonte, Brother Ali, Shad, and brothers like that. If you’re still rhyming ‘hat’ with ‘scat’ and simple shit like that then I just can’t get inspired by that. That’s music for the lyrically challenged! At the same time, you gotta be able to make a decent song too.

Reform School Music is...

My brand that I release all of my music under. It’s about breakin’ the rules and not following by the "industry standards". After years of hearing labels tell me what I could or couldn’t do, I decided to make music on my own terms.

People should support The Blackboard EP because...

It reminds you that there is still music out there that speaks to you personally and makes you feel proud to be an adult and avid hip hop supporter.

Which artists or producers would you like to work with in the future?

Maybe a DJ Premier, Pete Rock, or somebody like that. I’m more interested in working with producers than rappers honestly. After about 60-70 guest appearances earlier in my career, that shit got old real fast. It’s like slutting yourself out after awhile. I want to work with people who can help me grow as an artist and get better. Not doing songs for the sake of doing songs.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2013?

I’m gonna shoot a couple more videos for The Blackboard EP and also release a CD version. I have an upcoming mixtape of my rare freestyles, collabos, and all that. There’s a producer/MC project that I’m mixing right now so I will announce that soon. By the end of 2013, there will be plenty of Supastition music to choose from.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

I’m frequently on supastition.com but I’m on all of the sites that the cool kids are using nowadays. Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Any final words?

I just want to say thanks to all of the listeners who supported while I was gone. I’ve got much more in store.

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