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Wes Pendleton - Love* (Track by Track Album Review)

Back in May 2012, Illect Recording artist Wes Pendleton released Nebulous. I believe that it is one of the best projects that I have heard this year. Around that time I decided to stray from illegal downloading and just add content to my computer or iTunes that I bought.

Nebulous is an awesome project that allowed me to fully absorb Wes's talent and ability. He showcased the rhyming and the production skill on the album.

Fortunately, Josh over at Illect blessed me with a download link to Wes Pendleton's latest project called Love*.

Love is an 15 track instrumental odyssey that highlights Wes Pendleton's production prowess.

I decided to provide a track by track review of Love*. You can check out Love* on Bandcamp. If you like it buy it!

Heart Beat Break - This beat is awesome. Everything about this beat is on point. The bassline and the sample flippage is to be admired. Good work Wes.

Never Let You Go - Another nice beat. This track highlights Wes's attention to detail.

Anytime - This is beginning to sound like a broken record. Professional quality production right here.

Love Me Now - Another excellent cutting job on the sample...on to the next one.

Don't Make Me Wait - Would definitely spit on this beat right here. So far my favorite track.

All We Need Is We - This one right here is a little groovy, got that funky vibe. Perfect for an interlude.

Why Can't You See? - I mean what more can I say. Dope! Dope! Dope! By this point I would love to hear some lyricism, just one bar or something or a vocal tag sheesh haha.

Turn Around - This one will make me look for the original sample haha. I would love to know who inspires or influences Wes Pendleton's production. I would bet that the Philly lad is inspired by Dilla, 9th Wonder and even Pete Rock.

Take Me Back - I can sit back and vibe to this track right here. Calm vibe. Good work Wes.

Find A Way To Stay - When I hear this beat I envision myself reclining on a beach and just listening to the waves. I have learned a lot about Wes based on the samples that he chose. "Find A Way To Stay" highlights the sacrifices that must be made in order for a relationship to last.

Where Do We Go From Here? - Perfect title for this beat. Smooth production.

Love Found A Way - I like Wes approach on this beat, I could hear Common spitting some introspective lyricism on this beat. Definitely an introspective beat.

Forever My Lady - Another stellar job on chopping. Wes should definitely secure more placements because of his performance on this instrumental album.

I'll Be Standing By - Yes sir bobbing my head with this track. Definitely could hear Skyzoo flexing over this track. The impressive thing about this instrumental tape is that every beat relates to the overall theme. I am hungry to hear more production from Wes now.

I'm Gonna Love You - Perfect way to end an album. Wow! very impressive work by Wes Pendleton...if you like what you hear please drop the cash and support this emerging artist.

What is your favorite song off of Love*?

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