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Video: Max Haben - Bounce On The Devil (Lyrics)

"Bounce On The Devil" is a new track from Minnesota rhyme machine Max Haben. Max and I became acquainted via Cold Legistics and Teddy Roxpin.

We collaborated on a song back in 2008 called "The Mind is Infinite". I am really amazed by Max's evolution as an emcee and as a man.

The content for "Bounce On The Devil" is awesome. Pro-Christ based lyricism with poignant wordplay. Mustafasbeats (who produced 50 Cent's "Puppy Love") does an excellent job presenting a hype beat and including a Jay-Z vocal sample.

You can check out the video for "Bounce On The Devil" below. Max was also kind enough to include the lyrics.


[Verse 1]
It's been. Long time since I really tried to rhyme,
I mean I'm talkin about really killin it like its a crime
Cloud 9 feelin fine with a little sunshine,
Start a war with my words, you can call em front lines,
yea yea, that's more like the max that we used to know
Still got the stupid flow, now I got the scripture though,
Word of God is in it so, I'm spittin with authority,
The Lord wants more when there's microphones recording me,
So please stop ignoring me, blogs keep a spot open,
rock hard, every time, none of this is soft spoken,
Jaw open flowin like im in a bad mood
Wear emotions on my sleeve, I don't need a tattoo,
Back to the intention which I previously mentioned,
The murder I referred was my own death sentence,
Just a personal conviction, this is not a suicide
Just a Martyr for the music what a beautiful way to die...

[Verse 2]
This is more than what it seems
I'm a sower throwin seeds, hope my life is a like a grain of wheat floating in the breeze,
Holy ghost is stayin close God the fathers over me
No need for smokin weed quote on quote Rollin trees,
No matter how much pot you got, God is on the zz top
Thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and that's a long long way to drop
guitar hero in the grave, rolling stones out the way,
Come on Down, price is right and now it's all been wiped away
so tell a friend to tell a friend, That boy is raisin hell again,
on his game and off the chain,
in the light, and on the way,
Out the box, takin shots,
Here to stay, came to play,
Minnesota till I die but Arizona for today,
No matter what the time zone I'm a let the rhymes go,
Burn burn fire flow. man Im such a pyro,
hi low and inbetween, coast to coast and overseas,
Overall The dungarees of these recent emcees,
kid rock the hip hop, chip off the old block,
Doesn't matter cops, Feds, red octagons couldn't stop em
Grab a box popcorn, soda pop and pop a squat,
Cuz the show about to start film is Rollin casa Blanca,
make the whole cinema cringe, goosebumps upon the skin
theater seats are fillin up, and some are comin back again,
Really begin to focus in, pickin it up and goin in
Give it a hundred 150 percent hope its enough for me to win,
I been training for minute,
trying to disciple the sin, got the whole game holy
Tim Tebow Jeremy Lin
Gettin tired of the bench coach don't wanna put me in,
Doesn't matter If you start , it's all about who's at the end...

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