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Video: Dj Fatte - Cluck!

Just received this awesome video from Ty Nikdy Records. The song is called "Cluck!" and it is from European beatmaker Dj Fatte. Check out the quote below describing Fatte's production style.

He has a unique style of chopping samples and his beats are really neckbreaking. This summer Dj Fatte as a part of independent music label Ty Nikdy Records released his second instrumental album - Fatte No More. On this album you can find one really dangerous track called Cluck! which is now completed with a music video. Heavy beat and bass goes along with abstract visual by Nopromo.

Dj Fatte is a beat monster so right now he's working on forthcoming instrumental album as well as "one MC one producer" concepts albums with another Ty Nikdy members - Rest and MC Gey.

You can stream Fatte No More below and support the record as well.

Stream Dj Fatte - Fatte No More

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