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Rhymthic Fuzz - French Jones (Lyrics)

"French Jones" is an awesome political track from a collective known as Rhymthic Fuzz. It is also the title of their new album as well. I like the performance potential for the track (very similar to the Roots). Check out the performance footage of "Down".

I first came across the track via the Crazy Pellas message forum. Rhymthic Fuzz is actually a reggae hip-hop group.

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Lyrics for "French Jones" are located below.

[Pot Jesus]
Un ,
Un, deux, trois, quatre

[Verse 1: Guppy]
They tell us, sky's the limit we ain't realizing we limited
Thin line 'tween love and hate we ain't realizing our differences
Or maybe we do, so we build bombs to stronger our defences
Mushroom Clouds, wiping out our enemies!
Leaving no witnesses it's all about our businesses
Money, power, respect...what yo intentions is?
Opposing authority? Black listed
CIA surveillance probably monitor my sentences. Manufacturing,
Malfunctioning condoms they replenishing our front lines
All it takes us is one time...
M16s laying bodies in the sunshine
Seems like yesterday I was chillin in the lunch line
Then hit recess at times wishing I could hit reset
Then maybe these letters I get won't be threats
And maybe my future generations won't have to be vets
So they can live life...before they see death

Ou est lamour
Nous chantons ou est lamour
Ou est la gen et la place que jadore
Nous chantons ou est lamour

[Verse 2: P.J. & L.K.]
Well it's clear to you and it's clear to me
That this gun toting American society is just
Loading up there magazines and
Taking a shot at democracy but
If you look then you will see
That not everything in this life comes for free
Sometimes you got to shoot somebody
Just for the price of gasoline, oh
Waves are crashing down upon our heads
One responsible is lying in his bed
One could wonder
What could wake him from his slumber
Nationally security's at hand
Take me away to the promised land
Forget about their lies and their masterplan

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