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Praverb - Paint My Soul (Poem)

Image Retrieved from Louis Parsons / Art With Soul

Paint My Soul is a poem that I wrote a year ago. This poem was inspired by painting, more specifically the colors and love. Let me know if you want me to share more poetry in the future.

Paint My Soul

Paint my soul, with your words
Use your paintbrush, dip it and submerge
The tip into the jar, put your mind at ease
Think about my qualities, the time, the breeze

Paint my soul, the color of blood
Red equates to intensity and the color of love
Red equates to danger, Red is erotic
Red signifies life and Red is vibrant

Paint my soul, the color of fall
Orange equates to happiness, attraction and more
Orange equates to creativity, hence this poem
This poem expresses the creativity that I own

Paint my soul, the color of sunshine
Paint my soul, the color of nature
Paint my soul, the color of the sky
Paint my soul, a finished painting isn't complete unless it dries

What is your favorite line from this poem?

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