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Nia Keturah - Control (Lyrics)

"Control" is a new single from an artist that I just became aware of. Nia Keturah is an artist who is hard to categorize. She has lyrical ability, singing talent and creative energy.

I do not endorse all of the content yet I do enjoy the creativity and wordplay. "Control" is produced by Georgia based beatmaker Wino Willy.

Check out the lyrics to "Control" below.


[Verse 1]
thought about killing myself
like 3 times tonight
saw the pills on the counter
that my psychologist
had given me to sleep
thought about eternal bliss
hard without happiness
in the heated abyss
over cliffs of blooded wrists
where shit goes to die
nooses hang high
and pigs go to fly
and my dreams come true
but how would mommy feel
when she found me next to half drinking orange juice
and an empty pill bottle used

losing control

[Verse 2]
just last week i just cursing sky high
now i'm Tom Cruising in Vanilla Skies
trippy trippy trippy this kill trip
it journey
an odyssey
everything you read in Greek mythology
staring in the mirror to seduce Medusa
but she only feels pills and karma sutra
so i don't really suit her
i miss her
the real me
nowadays I'm stoned face
i don't even feel me
i don't even feel me

losing control

[Verse 3]
I'm not suppose to sip any alcohol
but drink it all drink it all drink it all
till I'm in a swimming pool with K Lamar
not Khloe and him
young black Eminem
just call him nigga nigga nigga
what you sipping on pour me some
and what you puffing on…? pass that
niceties we're pass that
i want whatever you have that
takes me away from
give me your weed pills your liquor
or gun if its quicker
heaven is the aim nigga
heaven is the aim nigga
so shoot toward the heart
cus my head ain't there
its in vanilla clouds somewhere
so foggy

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