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Hazey - All of Me (Lyrics)

Hazey (aka DJ Hazey 82) is the homie, SoulChef is the homie...the result is dopeness.

Hazey broke down the dope video for "All of Me" which was shot on an iPhone 4S and a tripod.

I actually wrote this in the summer of 2011, before I heard the Fundamentalz song. I'm a big SoulChef fan and when I had heard the instrumental, I knew I had to write something to it. I've always really liked this song, so recently I thought I would make a little video for it.

I filmed this video by myself, using an iPhone 4S and a tripod. This was my first time filming or editing a video. I had some problems with my first edit, the program was glitching during the final render. So what you see here is a second edit. I used a second program for this one. It's not quite as clean as the first edit, but I hope you still like it. I'll be more prepared next time.



[Hook - 2x]
all of me every single piece
all of me head to my feet
all of me all I want is peace
all of me I put it on the beat

all of me I'm all complete real not the stupid shit
my hip hop ensemble has no bling accoutrements
I council in chambers with parties I be neutral with
of youthfulness to teach future kids the truth of this,
a blueprint a template a standard for comparison
hip hop is worldwide man its more than just American
I take my time like a watch thief, my lesson plan
do it in a minute never do it second hand
not a tool independent I'm the jewel in the pendant
play my music for my grand kids to school my descendants,
intentions ability my microphone shenanigans
I might just go bananas disadvantage emcee mannequins
they vanishing, disappear like David Copperfield
the mic has got a proper feel I beat em like a glockenspeil,
never off my rocker real with props I got a lot concealed
grinding like a socket wheel just waiting for my crops to yield

[Hook - 2x]

all of me I'm all complete third dimension rapping nice
cats is strife lacking spice they 2D like the fact of life
its Haze I'm blazing so amazing when I pack the pipe
facing ancient gladiators on me nothing but an axe n knife
life, the fight for aristocrats and scholars,
I showed up a day early with an extra dollar
holler if ya got a collar keeping you from getting taller,
the strong overcome with ways the weak didn't bother,
it's true I love music, the language universal
but I Tivo my hip hop and skip the commercial
Grand Pops was a colonel help me overcome hurdles
as I try to prove to others hip hop is still fertile
see the sound I wanna germinate, something like a surrogate
I circulate the earth and take a victory lap and burn the breaks
invertebrates perpetrate and increase the murder rate
I earn my cake serving fakes with words that I regurgitate

[Hook - 2x]

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