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Cyrano - Proud of Me (Lyrics)

"Proud of Me" is a brand new track from Greenville, NC emcee Cyrano Sinatra The track is produced by Bay Area beatmaker Centic.

I love the fact that the homie Cyrano is paying tribute to his father. You can hear the passion poured into this song.

The homie Cyrano decided to send the lyrics to my inbox. Salute.

Proud of Me Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
As I sit back, relax, relate and release
Thinking bout how I regained my inner peace
My inner circle had the virtue of patience
Cuz I been in some precarious situations
And even though I'm a young man
Physical abilities never competed with me mentally
I never had a lot of energy
Saw myself more as a thinker
Tryna avoid injury
But see it wasn't the danger of athletics
That I found had the magnetic power to hinder me
It was the street life
My curiosity led me to a dead end that became a friend to me
And eventually, anybody that tried to add their two cents became a enemy
Cuz if u dissed the streets you wuz offending me
How you gonna circumvent me from destiny
The streets was an effigy
Taught me the necessities that stopped this world from stressing me
It was sorta like a recipe
And I was the Emeril Lagasse of my posse
A young ignorant kid wit moxie
But now I've moved onward and upward
Tapped into the best of me
I got the same determination
But now its on a solid foundation

[Hook - 2x]
I been living wild and free
Now my eyes can see
That something inside of me
Just wants you to be proud of me

[Verse 2]
Made the great escape from the Ville to college hill
To show everybody at home that I was real
My biggest mistake was tryna remake the wheel
See, I learned about G-forces in my college courses
But I couldn't really fully comprehend
Before I got it, they had notified my next of kin
So I'm back in a small town
Writing it all down
My journal was dark cuz I was nocturnal
Precipitation never moved me
Situation never threw me
Until the one person died that really knew me
Then here we go
On a emotional roller coaster
But I couldn't dream like Vivian Green
So the lab was my refuge
Stuck in my pad
Became a recluse
Poured my heart and soul in the booth
And I'm still not satisfied, rolling like a stone
Trying to find that one zone that I can call home
Day to day life gets tough like bone gristle
But stay away from that life, it won't miss you
Niggas paper chase their days away hoping to get a token so they can ride the gravy train
Just as addictive as cocaine
Giving no-name, hardhead niggas false hope, like Rogaine
Playing life like a dice game
A third of a 40 oz is the price of fame

[Hook - 2x]

[Verse 3]
It kills me to hear niggas preach the streets
Like a soldier from the suburbs can't breach the streets
Like the mission is impossible to beat the streets
But I'm bout to tell a story that'll teach the streets
I was the Murdock of my little A-team unit
Pulling pranks and shanks, I was waiting to do it
Pulling stanks in that Tommy Hilfiger tunic
Riding round in my homeboys old Buick
People thought that I was a herb
I knew it
I coulda worked out as a nerd, but I blew it
Pullin Cs and Ds, no compact disc
Cuz I was that rich nigga hanging out in the bricks
Checking on my aunt to see how she was doing
Hoping that she'd stop pursuing her own ruin
Almost got my peeps laid off at Mickey Ds, giving us bags of food
We was tricky thieves
All the past misdeeds came back to haunt me
Made some bad deals like Monty, they now taunt me
Yeah, we wuz young and wild
But all the bad decisions have piled up in my path, like dirty laundry
Still got bad credit
I'm a grown man, and I can't get a home in my own name?
Now its clear that I followed the wrong plan, cause I had the ball in my court like home games
Every since the day I looked in the casket at Dad's cold frame
Haven't been the same
Now I understand the fast life has a high ass price
That's just a little word of advice

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