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Cash Hollistah feat. Sean C. Johnson - goRilla (Lyrics)

I have been a fan of Kansas emcee Cash Hollistah for awhile. I was surprised to find his latest submission in my inbox.

"goRilla" is the first single from Cash's upcoming EP #savednotsoft which will drop February 2013 via URBPOP Records. Cash recruits Sean C. Johnson and they collectively attack Topspin's production with Silverback esque intensity.

You can Purchase "goRilla" via iTunes.

Lyrics for goRilla

i'm about to go-RILLAAAAA!
yeah, it's kinda beasty....IG
yeah, uh-huh, IG
yeah (*laugh*), IG
lemme talk to 'em to real quick...

[Cash Hollistah]
i'm from the K, that's in the middle of the map, fella
certified bread state, vicious wit them slaps, fella
jokers pop the same noise, i'm on somethin' different
they tryna work a hustle, but I treat this like a mission
burning booths swiftly
you got 16's? well, good for you, got 32's wit me
you got a circle? whoop-de-do, i got a crew wit me
a unit full of gorillas, it's the new 50
it's not a thing, you can do wit me
but fall back while i'm countin' my load of blessings
don't need insurance women to tell me the flo(w)'s progressive.
i know it's so depressin' cuz you'd love it if I lose it
but I know that when all these dubs is pilin' up, it's kinda bruising
to your precious little ego, i ain't playin' around
the opposite of the ground, that is mine like a seagull
(hold up, wait) the sky is what i mean though
invisible for now, but in a minute you gon' see though!

if king kong had a microphone bouncin' to a metronome, prob'ly sound something like this, like this
we've been grindin' for them years, well respected 'mongst ur peers
but we still can't get no love around here
what we do? goRilla, goRilla, goRilla, goRilla
goRilla, goRilla, goRilla, goRilla, ohhhh

[Cash Hollistah]
a gorilla that go-rilla than the re-est
the snare is sayin, "get it", i can feel it in my che-est
the kick tellin' me "sick 'em", turn these doubters into victims
actions speak louder than rumors, i just laugh at all that me-ess
first they love you, then they hate you, me no worry, me no envy
I got G-O-D beside me, so i'm in my Z-O-N-E
gotta let these bustas know that everytime I bust a flow
it's guaranteed to knock 'em on their maximus like Russell Crowe
yo, the iron's hot and i'm feelin' krispy, guess it's time to pop, snap, & crackle
spittin' truths to these congregations, now they yellin' "church, tabernacle, amen"
pay no mind to what they're sayin', this ain't up for no debatin'
brought heat from the underground, time to give the mainstream the thunder sound
ok, see, i ball and then repeat it
shorties label me 'official', 'cause i call it like i see it
the dj can hit replay but the ruling's still the same
that boy hollistah a christian, but he known to let it bang!!!

[Chorus - 2x]

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