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Allen Poe feat. Fontaine - Happiness (Lyrics)

"Happiness" is the latest single from Kentucky hip hop artist Allen Poe. "Happiness" is the first single off Ubuntu, featuring Lexington, KY rapper Fontaine and produced by DeeJay Element from Brown Bag Allstars.

If you like the single make sure you cop Ubuntu for $6 on Bandcamp.

Allen Poe suggests that Ubuntu is:

...the philosophy that no individual can exist in isolation, "I am because we are". The album is a collage of stories from Poe's personal experiences and thoughts on a variety of issues ranging from the ups and downs of relationships to unity, happiness and loyalty to friends.

You can check out the single below while reading along with the lyrics.


Be me and grow to fulfill my potential
progress is slow time ain't exponential
ideas I know they will grow providential
and since in the grand scheme we are just ripples
I be off this ripple, somewhere a good DJ got records to spin to
what is happiness, and by what means to achieve?
reached for success then success reached for me
waters hard to grasp it feels it comes and it leaves
life's a summer past, all that changes it leaves
thoughts in my mind behind doors up in hallways
either nightmares or times I'd remember always
waiting for the right time got my timing off all day
take my time writing rhymes, record what my heart say
deeper I feel though, the harder my heart ache

peace king, hope ya life is that true love
love peace, peace and pursuit of one thing
I know we needing that crew love
community, unity be that new love

[Verse 2]
Yo, I just need you to feel me
that void in my heart that's so empty and filthy and guilty
the pressure to compete with Joneses
measure my worth standing next to the homeless
he's onus and strange
faults I've accepted, try gaining the world though my soul gets neglected
it's hectic I know, I try looking out side me, find happiness but its passing right by me
divide me in two, humble or prideful
take it all in, cause this world is an eyeful
its awful, it seems I straight chase the cheddar now
life is a bitch, which just makes it better now,
settle down, before I go off the deep end, never found peace at the end of my drinking,
my thinking is scarred, I guard my brains ills,
happiness is a mix of booze and pain pills (ewww)

peace king, hope ya life is that true love
love peace, peace and pursuit of one thing
I know we needing that crew love
community, unity be that new love

[Verse 3]
It's the look on a child's face when dads back from overseas
or the feeling she gets to finally fit that size 3
it could be a little of both, the combination of joy and excitement
mixed in with some hope
some cats will spend they whole life cruising the ave.
looking for a slice of pie that they never can have
while all along she got the character to wife and she sad
cause she spend many a nights all alone at the pad
to correct some wrongs, even rights don't work
and where it got off track is where you gotta return
the mass under the surface, that can't be seen
be the same thing it seems that derails the dream
all that hype you inhaled that seemed fresh and clean
on the exhale only creates a smoke screen
watch who you running with they end up pacing your race
and the time they finish in will have you missing your place


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