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3 International Beatmakers That Would Make J Dilla Proud

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J Dilla aka James Yancey was and still in an innovator. The world lost the musical genius on February 10, 2006. J Dilla was an influential figure here in the States and internationally. This post will highlight three international beatmakers that would make J Dilla Proud.

All of the beatmakers are apart of Huh What & Where Recordings (Ta-Ku, Elaquent and Chief).

1. Ta-Ku

+ 50 Days Of Dilla Vol.1 (HW&W)
+ 50 Days Of Dilla Vol.2 (HW&W)

Ta-Ku is a talented Australian beatmaker who specializes in banging production. It is crazy how much he has progressed over the past few years. James Yancey would be proud of Ta-Ku because his versatility and his attention to detail.

HW & W Recordings suggested that Ta-Ku presented 50 Days of Dilla to pay tribute to J Dilla. Read the excerpt below.

Ta-Ku wanted to pay tribute to his greatest influence by creating a new beat each day for 50 days straight. There is no doubt that Dilla has left his impression in hip hop forever, but Ta-Ku wanted Dilla’s spirit to stay alive through music. You will find signature Dilla-esque drum swings, melodic transitions, and creative sampling in his tribute to the late J Dilla.

Social Media for Ta-Ku:
Twitter / Facebook

2. Elaquent

+ Remixed Slum Village - The Look of Love
+ Presented a tribute track to J Dilla called "Gobstobber".

Elaquent is a Canadian beatmaker that I featured on this website back in the 2009. It is also amazing to witness his maturation as a beatmaker.

He recently released Parallel via urbnet.

Elaquent states that he made beats to help him pay for books in college by flipping tracks to rappers and such.

Social Media for Elaquent:
Twitter / Facebook

3. Chief

+ Presented the official Do the Dilla 2012 - A Tribute to the Drum-Master
+ Presented the official Do the Dilla 2011 - A Tribute to the Drum-Master

Chief is a versatile beatmaker from Switzerland who has been crafting insane production for awhile. In 2011, he was a part of a stellar release with Moka Only called Crickets.

Chief's press release suggests that the versatility of production comes...

From hybrid electric beats to mesmerizing urban soundscapes, from cloudy ambiances to sophisticated soulful monsters, Chief’s production showcases the moods and aptitudes of a forward-thinking producer capable of intelligently blending electronic influences together with hip-hop roots, to the best effect.

Chief has worked with a plethora of emcees including Blu, Aloe Blacc, AG, Dynas, J. Sands, El Da Sensei, Kenn Starr, Wayna and more.

Social Media for Chief (Feelin' Music):
Official Website / Facebook

Can you recommend other beatmakers that are keeping J Dilla's legacy alive?

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