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Video: Hy-Definition - Proud of Me/Higher Ground

Awesome dual video from Hy-Definiton's new album The Voices. "Proud of Me" and "Higher Ground" are two stellar tracks from the five track EP.

The Voices pays homage to five distinguished artists who have inspired Hy-Definition's sound. The music of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Michael Jackson, and Selena represent the dichotomy between talent and tragedy. Each Song on the EP is sampled from these 5 legends.

These artists were all taken from us before their time and all we have left are their voices their recordings.

The Voices is produced entirely by SoulChef who lays down the foundation with Soul Sampled, boom bap beats. While K.wiz expresses through lyrical wizardry about family, life, self reflection, music and future hopes. Featurings by Nieve, Noah King, Trace Blam and Marie add the finishing touches by adding a bit of contrast to K.wiz's Vocals.

You can check out the Voices EP on Bandcamp.

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