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Video: Adlib - Hidden in Sight (w/ Lyrics)

"Hidden In Sight" is an awesome (yet explicit) song by Adlib. The Maryland based emcee has a smooth style, varied rhyme schemes and a hunger to progress.

The video is awesome as evidenced by the meticulous editing and the awesome locations. The shot composition was on point. Let me know what you think of this entry.

Lyrics Below:

Instead of hating move to the left
I ruin your attempts while you choosing those unusual steps
stupid to death, act dumb but the last one that stepped
felt the intellect connect, with the record and than they fled
so many rhymes in my head that I'll never run out
you better run now instead of bust rounds I set gun down
and have a talk with you, father you
Unstoppable force it's not probable I'm stoned but I don't rock with you
classy type but spit nasty like prostitutes
Karma Sutra reading with yo bitch and I offer you
this dick quick bless you and pardon you
step in the Garden shroomed out off a blotter in an awkward mood
so smooth with your daughter in my clutches
I'm a monster off the top but when I write you can't touch it
fuck rubbers, see I keep it raw so I conceive
ridiculous imminent rhyme schemes
consider it iller than every rapper I'm taking it back to 93
Now you can see what's up bitch
me and Bas Capone 2 gs on some dub shit, run with me
Before I leave you in my dust quick, clutch this blunt lit up
ready to run this shit and all these other kids can suck a couple dicks
cus everybody wants to rap but can't nobody fuckin spit
so fuck with this its gon make y'all fresh
I'm coming in to fuck yo bitch I'm so Based God-esque
I got a bitch like kreayshawn with a rods rep
fuck the game when I pay off refs, so a-r-s-e-n-i-c BG ima rep
OGSC see me in the flesh
smell the weed on my clothes and the lean on my breathe
I'm so eager to blow but I'm equally stressed, still
keeping my flows unbelievably fresh, ill
rhymes till the death and in peace ima rest, I'm out

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