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Trace Blam - Farewell (Track By Track Album Review)

Baltimore breeds dope emcees period! This year I have been lucky to work with the homie Don Streat. This working relationship has allowed me to expand my listening taste and explore new talent (shout out to Baltimore S.O.N.).

Trace Blam is an artist that has been on my radar for awhile. The Baltimore based emcee has a fluid flow, an in your face delivery and jaw dropping lyrics.

I did a backflip when I found out that he was releasing music from the vault. Farewell is a five song project where Trace rhymes over instrumentals from Incise's Nobody's Story project. The key word is rhymes, no hooks, no bridges, just straight lyricism.

I decided to provide a track by track review of Farewell. You can check out Farewell on Bandcamp.

You can also listen to the project while reading my insight :)

Winter Winds - Love the production from Incise and the rhymes from Trace Blam are on point. Trace's lyricism is what garners my attention. The Baltimore rapper introspectively raps, "I'm trying to eat, people feast at me, trying to impress em, is like reaching across the dinner table with the arms of Webster." 2:38 seconds of excellent rhyming.

New Me - Trace continues the introspective lyricism on "New Me". Trace actually combines introspection with some motivational bars as evidenced by these lines: "This is for the villains, despite the freedom fight for the greats/ and threw the first stone to start the Revolutionary today/ They don't follow your music, they just follow movements you make/ Till your shoes in a rage, then they look for you to be saved."

First Fall - This time Trace decides to do what he does best which is spew braggadocio rhymes. All I can say is flames and that outro is bonkers.

Intermission - Trace serves up an intermission over piano heavy production from Incise. Trace raps, "Your mink got more personality and more brain if you think you diesel/ see that cheetah leap when I run up on you and PETA people." The imagery that Trace incorporates makes him easy to listen to. Witty lyricism that will cause you to rewind.

Footsteps - "Footsteps" is one of my favorite songs from the project. The bass knocks and Trace just blacks out over the beat. The repetitive word for this review and Trace Blam in general is lyricism. Read these bars from Trace, "Ike and Tina love it or leave it, that's what I do to beats." The Baltimore emcee suggests that he beats the beat up haha. Great closer to a pretty solid project.

What is your favorite song off of Farewell?

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