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Think Beyond Hip Hop Blogs, Explore Hip Hop Message Boards

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As artists we have to continue to push the envelope and seek ways to find fans. Hip Hop blogs are necessary because they help get your music to the fans. I challenge you to think beyond hip hop blogs and explore the power of hip hop message boards.

When I started emceeing I sought out hip hop message boards. Hip Hop message boards provided me with the ability to build up my skill set, interact with other artists, connect with graphic designers and more.

I gravitated towards the community feel that hip hop message boards provided. Did I mention that message boards are free! All you have to do is sign up and start posting.

I will detail a variety of hip hop message boards that give you the opportunity to build your fanbase, test singles and more.

Rap Music.com - One of my favorite message boards. I honed my skills there and forged relationships with Spoonfull, Phene, Laws, Cram, Ness Lee, Instant Legend, Commissary, Habeas and more. The GRB used to be the main attraction for up and coming battlers. After you register you can post your music here.

Rap-Royalty.com - Pretty nice board...I usually just post in the Audio Drops section and Emcee Talk section.

OzHipHop.com - Australian hip hop message board/forum that specializes in presenting Aussie hip-hop. I usually post in the Mp3z & Mixtape Downloads section.

UGHH Forums - Pretty nice forum that gives members the chance to interact about hip-hop. The Producer section is pretty nice.

Rap Is Alive - The actual setup is kind of blah but the Center Stage section is nice.

TIP FROM PRAVERB: In order to get feedback on your material you have to leave feedback on other music. Leave genuine feedback (more than a sentence) and you will receive more feedback.

Sphere of Hip Hop - One of the first message boards that I used when I discovered Christian Hip Hop. I have built and maintained relationships with Plastic, Cas Metah, Change, Conduct, Scott Allen, Stromer, The Runaway and more. I was exposed to the Braille, Sojourn, Mars Ill, LPG, Tunnel Rats etc because of this message board. The General Discussion area is gold.

Hip-HopKings.com - This UK based forum facilitates interaction. The updated forum design promotes Social Media Interaction (the ability to Tweet or +1 a specific post is huge).

HipHopCanada.com - Pretty fresh message board that is bolstered by The Lounge section.

Shadowville - I actually joined this message board because of a co-sign from the homie Cayoz. We used this message board when we released the The BrainStormers EP. I love the interactive prowess of the Emcee's Corner.

Netcees.com - Pretty decent site that has an hilarious discussion forum. The MC Audio section could use some life (sign up emcees and showcase your skills).

TIP FROM PRAVERB: If these message boards do not fit what you are looking for check out UK Hip Hop Forum, Okayplayer.com, PhilaFlava, Nation of Hip Hop, Let's Beef and The Coli.

Here are some tips to maximize your reach on message boards.
  • Present a call to action in your signature. This gives interested people the opportunity to check out your profile.
  • Provide honest feedback and do not react based off of emotion. People will be critical of your music or opinions. Thank them for their time and keep it moving.
  • Do not spam, follow the boards guidelines and you will be okay.
  • Post regularly.
Am I missing any other notable hip hop message boards?

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