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Supastition AC3 Hip-Hop Festival Interview

Supastition aka Kam Moye has been dominating my iPod for the past six years. Consistency! I gravitated to his music because of his ability to share his life.

That transparency made me a life long fan. I was disappointed to hear that he retired from music (circa 2010). Industry ills, bootlegging and other things probably played a huge role in Kam retiring from the game.

Fast forward to 2012 and Supa is back. Supastition hooked up with videographer Rick Foy during the A3C Hip-Hop Festival and recorded his first video interview since announcing his return.

Supastition reflects on some of the factors that lead to his hiatus (most importantly life). He also expounds on having a supportive wife, a supportive family, working and more. You can hear the hunger in Supastition's voice as he speaks about new projects (a concept album from Supa though wooooooo).

"I do music on my own terms" - Supastition

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