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Praverb - Waiting for the Finish (Lyrics + Download)

New Track to celebrate the birth of my first child. "Waiting For The Finish" was conceived while I was thinking about my future. This song presented an unique opportunity to work with one my favorite beatmakers Croup (who also handled the artwork).

"Waiting For The Finish" (Single) includes the song, acapella and instrumental enjoy. I also provided the lyrics below enjoy!

Waiting for the Finish Lyrics

I know the sex of my child
Never settle for style
Start anew, I grew, I see the heaven through clouds
Talk to my mother, she's been dead for awhile
Gazing down, I know that she's definitely proud//

Nervous, searching, feeling the baby bump
Ditch the Mercedes, I want us to be safe
She thinks she's ugly, I love her lady lumps
Second trimester, see the glow in her face//

Baby growing, it's exposing her waist
She walks slower, it's controlling her gate
Think to myself, how much more can she take
Carrying a seed, that doesn't know that it's great//

Am I jumping the gun?
Daydreaming, steady scheming, probably having lunch with my son
If I have a girl, I'll protect her to death
I only have one life, heed this lesson through text//

(Chorus - 2x)
If you live it, you gotta love it
If you love it, you gotta live it
So I live each day to the limit
24/7, waiting for the finish

Think about success, that's what knowledge does
Saving bills, put directly in a college fund
No booze or weed, I want a honest buzz
Trying to shine without having to polish stuff//

Look for work, jerk, she keeps yelling
Work 12 hour shifts, I'm dealing with feet swelling
We built a boat that floats on hope
A little bit of faith, can you relate, we keep sailing//

Built leads against the Heat, we keep trailing
No longer a beat felon
I'm overseas gelling
With the Croup, I'm astute, over beats, in the booth
Give you my life, this is free speech to the youth//

It's the truth, I want my own fans, a grown man
With a known plan to one day own land
But for now, I'll make it one day at a time
Living to the limit, staying patient with these rhymes//

(Chorus - 2x)

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