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Ninety One (feat. Hydroponikz) - Small Boy (Lyrics)

"Small Boy" is the latest single from French Hip-Hop production duo Ninety One. "Small Boy" features rapping from Hydroponikz. "Small Boy" is the first single from 19.04. 19.04 will be released in December and boasts guest appearances from Trace Blam, The 49ers, Awon, Nieve, Jae Fresh and more. You have listen to Ninety One's first album Short Nights HERE.

I want my name bright lights, that’s right
I mean, my name is my name, and this game is my life
But what is fame to someone who’s connected through the soul
All that flossing getting old, y’all just do what you’re told
Radio falling off, they playing lames in my home
Unimpressed, Mckayla Marone, damn my aging is shown
Asian on surface, but every race to my bones
Feel me in places I’ve flown, with no agent, alone
Eyes on the prize, but yet I seek wisdom
Few of us see the signs, but most of y’all missed them
Walking around mad? Think you really the best?
Based on what you seen on the video set?
Please, that ain’t my steez, we just slam it like a car door
Run it, parkour, why you think they call us stars for?
Not just part of the universe, we all are
But when you got a tiny mind, you just think that you’re small

Small boy walk down a city street
Open your eyes till there's hope in your eyes
Open your eyes till there’s hope in your...
I was a small boy walk, down a city street
Hope was in his eyes, eyes

[Verse 2]
Since them Binghamton dorms, they was watching my style form
With my eyes of a child, I got wiser and smiled more
Kicking in doors, tell em suits give me a deal
They wouldn’t know skill if it hit their pretty little grill
But still, got a degree in my shitty little field
Stayed witty, as I reveal, New York City is real
You were Small in the mind, had your Soul in a bind
During all that time you’ve been ignoring the design
If you ain’t in my zone, keep your face in your phone
Or continue taking that case of Corona straight to the dome
Stupid, they mad at me cause I’m lucid
But ain’t a dream, this age right now is where my youth is
I been sent here to do this. Won’t share (Cher), they’re clueless
And everybody lying acting like they know what truth is
Selling souls at the mall, Got nothing but got it all
They like “how his mind so big in somebody so...”

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