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Commissary - Visions Of A Future (Lyrics)

"Visions Of A Future" is the latest track from Orlando based CHH emcee Commissary. The Orlando based lyricist has an abundance of talent and serves the Lord to the maximum. "Visions Of A Future" is a song that appears to be inspired by the upcoming Presidential election. Commissary also touches on global warming, human trafficking and more over an awesome instrumental from Superstar O.

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[Verse 1]
For most of life, I been told that the problem is
I'm a high hopes or unreal optimist
Check this
I picture low stats in jail facilities, economic stability, great bliss
Accountable government, low suffering
Third world fam can forget about wondering
Where's the help at? We'll take all the wealth back
No longer need to use it for the Middle East combat
Schools built on the values of Martin
Justice system that would've gave Davis a pardon
Crack downs on sex trafficking, kidnaps
Reverse global warming, viable polar caps
Eradication ongoing racial tension
I have hope in us but right now we're deficient
I'm not an activist, just a pacifist
This is gonna take some time, I know it won't happen quick

[Chorus - 2x]
What you think lie ahead for the coming days?
New leaves or on the same course will we stay?
Relativity abounds, so what suits ya?
We all have different visions of a future

[Verse 2]
Sounds dandy don't it? Nice and candy coated
But change won't happen like the last time I voted
Envision things getting worse unfortunately
Rich will stay rich, no divide proportionately
Real dose, what'll really alarm us
Is when we're dealing with invading suicide bombers
Global depression, warfare with chemical weapons
While world leaders gather and hold secret sessions
On how to handle us and dismantle us
Only scratched the top with blacks and the back of the bus
Food and water will be so hard to come by
Acid rain will be the norm from our polluted sky
Present events on the news defend this
Marshall Law, N.W.O., it's all endless
I'm a realist, not taught hypothetical
Distracting us with politics, talks about the medical

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Gripes as I wait the Second Advent
Unseen, so to the naked eye, not evident
Marvin Gaye sang about a girl Heaven sent
Heaven sent the Christ so I could take up my residence
If I deny myself, repent, and believe
Take hold of Him and by His mighty power I cleave
I'm not oblivious to the present tension
But there is no resolve if Christ is never mentioned
What's the point if the world begins to turn around?
Turns utopian but our sin still have us bound
You might think that I'm talking on a whim
I'll be walking gold streets, singing praises with cherubim
Every good moment on earth had to part with
I'll be with God who knew me when time started
Not apologetic for this brief apologetic
All pride aside Heaven's my future, I said it

[Chorus - 2x]

What verse do you like the best from Visions Of A Future?

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