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Taiyamo Denku Interview: Wisconsin's Freestyle Rap Phenom Presents Quadrofiendia

This Rhyme Perspective Interview focuses on the Milwaukee, Wisconsin rhyme spitter Taiyamo Denku.

I have known Taiyamo for almost a decade and I have gravitated towards his stream of conscious flow and insane lyrical depth. He is a talented rapper and accomplished freestyle emcee.

Taiyamo Denku shares insight behind the creative process for his latest project, his writing style and his inclination towards hip-hop.

Enjoy this interview.

First and foremost, who is Taiyamo Denku?

Taiyamo Denku Is Hip Hop, I been living in the shadow of the 5 elements of this Culture religiously since about 1996. It's like I tell people I am a Dope Emcee, a Fresh Graff Artist, a Sick Beatboxer, a Nice Dj, and a Footworking B-Boy.

Recently you released your latest audio offering called Quadrofiendia. Would you mind sharing the concept behind your latest offering?

Well I didn't come up with the concept of the title the Producer Did, but it is a Play off the Who's album Quadrphenia, which works cause it goes with the idea the emcee has crazy content as of that of a Schizophrenic, all over the place lyrically, then the polyphonic sounds of Agartha Audio on the beats it just works well with the album title when you hear the album.

Who is featured on the project?

The features go from Inner Uncommon Heads such as old Def Jux heads Masai Bey, Life Long, Nac1, Atari Blitzkrieg, Teddy Faley, Then Wu Affiliate Shyheim The Manchild, Homies, Vast Aire of Cannible Ox, Illogic, Perseph One and then Legends Sadat X and Craig G, It is a fully loaded LP with features but not overdone, and they fit right on the songs they are a part of.

Quadrofiendia is produced entirely by Uncommon Records labelmate Agartha Audio. Describe the working relationship that you have with Agartha Audio.

Well we actually linked on a track "Storm Drain" at the end of the Completion of Articles of Mind, my last Album, and we thought it was just gonna be a collab track to put out.

It ended up being the start of this album and we just built from there and since then we have already started working on the next project already, with him being out in Cali and me being in Milwaukee, WI we obviously do a lot of file sending to make the tracks happen. Lucky it has worked out well for Quadrofiendia and seems to be working for this new project.

Where can the masses purchase Quadrofiendia?

Well it is on iTunes, Amazon and anywhere else online. Here is the link to get it directly from us at Uncommon Records. We have digital download version as well as the physical CD copies.

You and I have known each other for a long time and I envy your work ethic. You are a deft writer and a consistent freestyler. How long does it take you to write a rhyme?

Lately it depens, I have gone through inspirational droughts as of late cause of personal life ish and with the ideal of how Hip Hop is today.

I still freestyle like no other but in recent tracks I have written verses in 15-20 minutes. Sometimes I have spent a half hour to 45 minutes on a verse, depends on concept or vibe of the beat and song itself.

Peter Quistgard is...

No idea but the person who helped me use Cool Edit Pro for so many years but I am way beyond that now...It's all about the Pro Tools in Recent years.

Uncommon Records is the home of...

Nasa the legendary Engineer who did a lot of Mixing at the Late Def Jux Records, also home of Masai Bey, Karniege, The Presence, and new age artists 11 A.M., Atari Blitzkrieg, Short Fuze, my Group WASTELANDS, Pruven, Agartha Audio...man the list goes on we are growing everyday at Uncommon and don't intend on stopping.

You have collaborated with a lot of underground luminaries (Chino XL, Prince Po, Keith Murray, Sabac Red, Ayatollah, Nasa, Dub L and Dj Vadim and more). What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Well I would love to do a Song with Ghostface Killa whether that will happen I have no idea or the Homie Talib Kweli, maybe KRS One. I have some upcoming features that are pretty amazing but those are to come.

Taiyamo Denku enjoys...

Nice Walks thru a abstract village painted by Picasso while playing a Bethseda based video game that resembles me being a possible Hero or Villian depending on my choices or just listening to Chris Brown hooks while watching Rhianna music video's wondering what caused him to beat her ass... HA HA Naw I'm a laid back man with a wandering mind. I enjoy making music, Hip Hop Is Life.

What does the future hold for Taiyamo Denku?

Well the future looks bright, this new album is getting good feedback and Buzz, I guess within the next year we will see where I am at...

How can the masses get in contact with you?

I am avaliable on Twitter that's what I've been on lately or Find Me On Facebok just look for "Denku" or there is always the email.

Any final words?

Shouts out to all the supporters of Taiyamo Denku as a Artist and a Hip Hop head, lets stay rising to the Future Friends and Family...HIP HOP ALL DAY!

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