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RationaL - The BirthWrite LP (Track by Track Album Review)

Many artists struggle to conjure up a debut album that the masses will truly enjoy. Enter RationaL, a Canadian based hip-hop emcee that proves that life experiences make the man.

On The BirthWrite LP the talented emcee solidifies his spot among the Canadian elite. The album is appealing because of the fresh content and the inclusion of some noteworthy guests.

I decided to provide a track by track review of The BirthWrite LP. You can check out The BirthWrite LP on iTunes.

The BirthWrite - RationaL destroys the opening track with a barrage of heavy lyricism over a lovely beat by Vintage. RationaL rhymes, "I been running from day one, more like I'm Jason Bourne." "The BirthWrite" is a great introductory track that gives RationaL the opportunity to set the mood for the rest of the album.

High-Rise - I like this track as well. Blaise provides a dope beat for RationaL. RationaL takes us on a journey towards the higher ground.

Cocaine Cowboy - This song is flat out dope! This is a song that garnered a lot of positive praise from a variety of sources including Sphere of Hip-Hop. This is story telling hip-hop at it's finest.

Go Getter - RationaL proclaims that he is a go-getter on this RELIC produced head nodder. I always loved using this word haha now I have a reason to use it. Rash brashly rhymes, "A go getter, nobody flow fresher/ right now I probably sound like a broke record."

Dream On (feat. Pigeon John, Mr. J. Medeiros) - So far my favorite song off the album. The impressive thing about this amazing collaboration is that Rash holds his own with two highly respected emcees. It is hard not to rewind this dream motivated track (the production by Vintage is sick!).

Maybe Tomorrow - Rash gets another chance to flex his impressive story telling skills. The hook by Dani McKinnon is stellar as well. I like how Rash presents a different hero for each verse. The first verse deals with a struggling woman while the second verse deals with a drugged up businessman. Each character gravitates towards change yet reality suggests that tomorrow is a better day for change (procrastination).

Think-terlude - This Interlude gives us a chance to collect our thoughts and get ready for the home stretch.

Great North (feat. RELIC) - These two emcees have a magnetic bond. Loving the chemistry between Rash and RELIC. Props to RELIC for engineering the album, great work...

3000 Miles to Graceland - Rash showcasing the storytelling skills again on "3000 Miles to Graceland". This time Rash incorporates himself into the story and details the arduous journey to Graceland. I wonder if Rash was inspired to write this after listening to Elvis.

Love & Hate (feat. RELIC) - RELIC and Rash tackle the love/hate relationship with hip-hop. Rash states that hip-hop "gave him the keys to travel a lot" and "sit down with a rhyme book, unravel my thoughts." This honest frustration with hip-hop is complimented by a great guest appearance from RELIC. RELIC states that he "holds on to the hope of making hip-hop help." The third verse is awesome due to the back and forth exchange of bars between the two sour emcees. Rash calmly expresses that "nowadays man it seems everyone's a MC/ At the ceremony, but forgot about the mastery."

Think 101 (feat. Ohmega Watts, Theory Hazit) - Yes! Yes! Yes! Lyricism + Dope Rhymes = A Solid Track. Rash presents a witty first verse packed with wordplay ("now they all puppy love, trying to hump the leg" and "I hear you quacking but you ain't got your ducks in a row"). Ohmega Watts and Theory Hazit deliver solid verses as well. "Think 101" comes across as an educational course on the art of thinking.

Beautiful Mess - Lovely track...this actually has surpassed "Dream On" as my favorite track due to the storytelling prowess that Rash showcases once again. I love when Rash presents a blend of storytelling and introspection. My life is a beautiful mess as well Rash. Props!

What Remains - Another introspective gem. Rash rhymes about the death of his Grandfather. The second verse sheds light on the inspiration from family and friends and the things that RationaL admires the most. Rash confidently rhymes "Young Rash just learning how to love who I am." The first step towards establishing a relationship is loving thyself. The third verse is dope as well as Rash touches on the quest for finding love.

What is your favorite song off of The BirthWrite LP?

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