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Praverb's Picks: Uncovered Gems From the Internet (Week 1)

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Okay so the Starting 5 idea gave birth to this idea. I thought that it would be better to shed light on some uncovered gems from the internet.

This week I decided to focus on some videos from a diverse range of emcees. On one end of the spectrum you have the aggressive delivery of Righteouz Knight and on the other end you have the poetic flow of Vessel. Let me know what you think of this week's uncovered gems.

Righteouz Knight - 40 Barz (Official Video)

New Jersey based rhyme machine Righteouz Knight serves up an official video to "40 Barz" off The Prequel Mixtape Volume 2. Righteouz Knight has a way with words, an in your face delivery and bars filled with religious references.

Check out The Prequel Mixtape which boasts features from Datin, Atom the Immortal, Believin' Stephen, Disciple (DI), and others.

Senpai ft. Vessel - Little Things

Love this track from beatmaker Senpai and poetic emcee Vessel. The chemistry that the two displayed on "The Little Things" is what caught my attention (they are actually working on an album!).

Senpai is the producer and his latest project Son of my Father is available for free on Cult Classics Records.

Link Up TV: Behind Barz - Colours (Take 2)

Lately I have been admiring the UK Hip Hop scene and the unity that is displayed. This week I came across this dope Behind Barz performance from Colours for Link Up TV.

Colours kills the second beat...certified heat.

Link UP TV: More 1 Freestyle

Another dope visual performance brought to you by Link Up TV. This time they feature UK rhyme slinger More 1. Hope you enjoy.

Jelz ft. Jimi Whisperz, Sanch - Keep Running Everyday (Official Video)

I came across this video and track via one of my followers on Twitter Jimi Whisperz. I love the visual aspects of the video (shout out to Kiran).

As you know, I love the instrumental and Jelz and Sanch brutalize the beat.

What are some uncovered gems that you heard this week on the internet?

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