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BB. TV Interview: 5 UK Hip Hop Artists That Americans Need To Listen To

UK Hip Hop has been dope for years and I am glad that I came across BB. TV aka Black Budget. The creator of this dope UK movement Just P took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

If you have been following my Twitter Feed lately then you know how much respect I have for the UK Hip Hop scene.

This interview will allow you to open your minds and discover talent across the pond.


Describe the overall goal of Black Budget Entertainment in a few sentences?

The overal goal with Black Budget Entertainment is simple: provide an opportunity for underground UK Hip Hop artists to get the music heard by a larger audience and to help the UK Hip Hop scene grow into the force it should be.

One of the major reasons it started was the fact that very few websites at the time, were dedicated to strictly UK Hip Hop, most of the sites around were mixing international Hip Hop and music from other genres. While this is all good, it was thought by myself that, in order for the scene to develop and grow independently, it needed a place where fans could go and find all the latest UK Hip Hop music, without having to search through other genres.

The thing that I love the most about the UK scene is the unity that exists between the emcees, videographers, producers and more. When you started Black Budget Entertainment did you attempt to fill a void that was missing within the UK Hip-Hop scene?

In short, yes. As I said in the last question, at the time of creation, I felt that there wasn't many sites/companies dedicated strictly to UK Hip Hop. In my opinion the scene needed a place where people could go, to find nothing but UK hip hop without distractions.

SBTV, DHLTV, GlobalFaction, Linkup TV, Black Budget Entertainment etc. are prime examples of movements that act as the voice of the people. Where do you see Black Budget Entertainment in 5 years?

Honesty, I wouldn't be able to say where I see us. I'm a very realistic person and know that anything can happen in 5 years. I would like to see Black Budget Entertainment become more accepted on the commercial music scene, hosting popular events where underground artists could share the stage with more established artists and on top of the Hip Hop scene in general.

Would you ponder expanding Black Budget Entertainment into the American market? What prevents Black Budget Entertainment from making that move now?

I would, definitely. Personally I would like to make Black Budget International, a place for Hip Hop from all around the globe. The things that stops me from doing so right now are: the fact I am pretty much an one man team and don't think I could handle another workload (at the moment I do everything on Black Budget and emcee myself), and that I want to see the UK Hip Hop scene flourish before I start to promote international scenes.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

On any of the social networks - Twitter, Facebook and by emailing: blackbudgetUK@gmail.com.

Any final words?

Thanks for having me on and big up all the supporters!

Can you name five UK Emcees that Americans Need To Listen To?

Instead of dropping names like Klashnekoff and people you may have already heard, I am going to give you the names of talented underground MC's that are regulars on Black Budget Entertainment:

Just P (Myself lol)
Mr ShaoDow
Mr 13
Baron Samedi

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