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3 Twitter Headline Tricks That Lead To More Clicks

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Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a grocery store and you walk pass the magazine section. You spot a Gossip mag that appeals to your senses because of the wording. You must make the conscious decision to read it or just walk away.

You have just experienced the power of headlines and how they appeal to our senses. I believe that musicians can learn about the power of headlines from copywriters and authors.

Brian Clark of Copyblogger suggested that Twitter has become the place for sharing content links.

Twitter makes it easier for us to share links. This article will focus on 3 tricks that lead to more clicks. In order to truly stand out we must disguise our marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of throwing up a link and saying check out my music. Everyone does that and honestly it lowers the effectiveness of the tweet.

We must think like copywriters, marketers, authors, journalists, etc to truly stand out...

How To Headlines

How To Headlines work because they educate, inform and empower people. They empower people to adopt a Do It Yourself attitude as opposed to outsourcing things.

The Headline: How To Find A Job Using Social Media

This Twitter Headline will educate me on how to find a job utilizing social media. Jeff Bullas is a marketer that I admire a lot. The amount of knowledge that he shares within 140 characters is amazing.

Resource for You: 5 Easy Tricks To Write Catchy Hooks

Number Headlines

Number Headlines are utilized because they make it easier for the recipient to understand what the article is about.

The Headline: 5 Tips for Creating Relevant Content

Looking at the headline I know that I will learn 5 tips to create relevant content. I would be interested in clicking the link if I am struggling with creating relevant content.

Resource for You: Twitter Templates: 15 Headline Templates That Pull Twitter Traffic

Name Headlines

Name Headlines motivate people to check out content based on name recognition. These Headlines work because we identify with recognizable names.

The Headline: Sean Price Plays Tennis

Haha, Duck Down Records emcee Sean Price playing tennis! The name recognition draws you as well as the activity haha.

Resource for You: 10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work

Remember that your Twitter Headlines are more effective if they garner attention. Twitter Headlines are more effective when they are magnetic. You have 140 characters to make an impact.

Ultimate Resource for You: How to Write Magnetic Headlines and How to Write Effective Social Media Headlines That Drive Traffic [With Examples]

Please SHARE this information, I want you to succeed and it would be a blessing if you help others succeed.

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What Twitter Headline Tricks work for you?

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