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Memory Mondays: Canibus and Journalist - 8 Minute Freestyle

Before Dizaster...Canibus was an awesome emcee haha (Canibus has always been dope, one slip up does not tarnish his legacy). I remember hearing this lyrical onslaught and rewinding it like crazy.

Let me set the scene, Canibus and Journalist destroying beats live.

I love how they destroyed the instrumental for "Biggie" omg. I was up on Canibus before I heard this yet Journalist was an emcee that was foreign to my knowledge.

Canibus starts...

The illest emcee, and I possess the ability
to run at top speeds without bending my knees

Are you serious! this freestyle is a true display of lyrical wizardry and I am glad that I got a chance to listen to it. Canibus also states that we judge emcees by their lyrical fitness. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Journalist straight murders it with this verse...

You catch the Journ up in NY, with my man Can-I
Holding the pen high, if not a 44 semi
Go ahead mess around with the slim guy
Have your corpse swim by, in one of them lakes in Detroit, MI

Whether you on a road to riches, For dough and chickens
Or you pose for pictures, frozen wrists-es
You can get it dog, holes and stitches
Cause every single bo' constrictor getting throwed in ditches

While you and your squad mingle, we some shots between you
Hell with a mop, they have to mop and ring you
Watch your anal, Journ put your block in shankles
To slow when I say step, I'ma pop your ankle

Sit on the strip, and spit to the end of the clip
Believe me dog, every bullet got a dent in the tip
But sh-t, I have to kill a man, just to take his kilograms
Let three shots spin him around like ceiling fan

When it comes to them things, Journ keep the illest hands
I practice my aim, empty Miller cans
Like the Wild West style, like blowing your chest out
Lay your next to your pal then step with your reptiles

It's the Journ baby, I keep your boy stressed out
Dicking down your chick in front of your stepchild
Who else besides me, will kill a cat verbally
Put you in emergency, asscheek burgundy

My dogs will creep for ya, when they receive orders
See mention three quarters and throw you in deep waters...

Leave some feedback if you remember this freestyle...peace and blessings

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