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5 Ways to Utilize Video As A Recording Artist

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As recording artists we must utilize all available resources to truly stand out. Twitter alone will not propel you to more fans, Facebook alone will not propel you to more fans. The one thing that is consistent in regards to music discovery is the use of video sharing sites.

MSNBC suggests that 64% of teens discover music via YouTube (this may not be your targeted demographic, just making a point). Find out how your fans are discovering music and make your music accessible to them.

As a recording artist you need to know how fans are discovering music. You have the radio, iTunes, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, yet YouTube trumps them all.

While reading Fame and Fortune: The Power of YouTube, the writer stated that the path from YouTube sensation to professional musician is becoming more and more common, and this trend does not show signs of slowing down any time soon.

The previous quote from Julie Lamb highlights why recording artists should use video to reach fans. Video gives artists the potential to reach fans all over the world.

The post below will focus on 5 ways to utilize Video as a recording artist.


Music videos make it easier for your fans to truly understand the concept of a song. Music videos also make it easier for fans to put a face with the sound or music. Music videos can revolve around a budget or be simple. The choice is yours!


Promo Videos are awesome because it gives the artist a chance to talk about inspiration. It also gives artists a chance to speak to their fans and highlight their personality on camera.

Rhymesayers Entertainment has been instrumental in creating Behind the Scenes type of commentary for upcoming releases. They did an excellent job for Aesop Rock's Skelethon and now they are starting a similar campaign for Brother Ali's Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color.

KISSmetrics compiled an awesome post that revolves around the creation of promo videos for under $100.


In Studio Performances are also a great way to reach more fans. An in studio performance can also serve as an unofficial music video. Below I have included an in studio performance from Rodney and Mystro called "The Best Is Right Here".

also check out this awesome in studio performance of Big KRIT's "4Eva N a Day".


Live Performances give your fans a glimpse at your persona on stage and your energy. I believe that live performances are also beneficial for promoters and bookers. They get an opportunity to see the artist in action.

The video below is actually a combination of a live performance and an in studio performance from Callie Ann Moore for "October".


Contests are awesome! hands down. This is where recording artists can be the most creative. They are so many avenues that artists can take in regards to the creation of contests. You could present a contest for the best rap verse (check below), or you can have a contest for the best fan submitted video, or you can have a contest for the best artwork, etc. Once again the choice is yours.

We have all these resources available to use and we must use them wisely. In order to utilize video, you have to be comfortable on camera. I know that I focused entirely on YouTube for this article hehe. An artist could find success using Vimeo, Google Hangouts, Facebook video, a webcam haha.

The key is utilizing what is accessible and making it work.

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What is your preferred method of Video marketing?

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