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Week of K.I.N.E.T.I.K.: @IAmKinetik breaks down Leave It All Behind/Year of the Underdog

Leave It All Behind

For those who know me, I'm a very reflective person. After listening to the Leave It All Behind album by The Foreign Exchange, I wanted to explore that same concept in my own way. The first verse of this song deals with me graduating from university and how daunting that can be. The education system seems to always prepare you to take tests and exams but never prepares you for life afterwards.

The second verse is about a previous employer that I refuse to name explicitly but I do drop a little clue in the second verse. When I wrote the verse, I just wanted listeners to see how soul destroying some jobs can be because they can ultimately pull you further away from your dreams. I understand that bills need to be paid but when you work in a job that crushes your self esteem and makes you unhappy, then you really need to assess the situation.

To anyone reading this who works in a job that makes them feel the way that I did in this song, but hangs in there to provide for themselves and their families; be encouraged and keep working for bigger and better opportunities. I know exactly what you are going through.

Year Of The Underdog

Everything you hear on this verse is 100% true. I'll never forget that day when I sat in the executive suite at _____ Records watching the men in suits go crazy over my music and saying that I reminded them of Big L, Large Professor and RZA.

Everything looked so positive and I was convinced I would be offered a recording contract or a publishing deal at least. However, it was never meant to be as they had doubts about my "marketability and commercial appeal". What made it even worse is that they offered a recording deal to _____ that very same day and I was there to watch him sign it. I was crushed. I was so close and I felt as though my window of opportunity had just suddenly closed. But like I say at the end of the song, "it's the habit of an underdog to persevere". I'm still here.

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