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Praverb - Ima Boss Freeverse (Lyrics + Download)

Download: Praverb - Ima Boss (Freeverse)

Having a little fun over the Ima Boss Instrumental. I decided to channel my inner Gordon Ramsey and treat you all to some cooking. Eggs + Bacon + Meek Mill Instrumental = Dope rhymes.

The cover for the single was designed by Nick Polifroni (same person that designed the Professional Hobbyist cover.

This is my second freeverse for the #YouTube16s series. If you want to be a part of the series just find a beat, spit 16 bars to it, and upload it to YouTube.

Lyrics Below

Never the choir type, always the quiet type
Day consists of eating oatmeal pies and Mike & Ike's
I'm ravenous, more painful than a tiger bite
And I bring the Heat like Lebron in a Firefight//

Third Day rising, surprised at the Messiah's hype
Hand all cramped up, why you even try to write
A true microphone snatcher, rob the booth
Taking beat machines, popper stoppers, plus P Viz hides the mic//

Never in a plane crash, walking out the lone survivor
I keep the speech short like the book of Obadiah
Noah, Moses, Shadrach and Meshach
Bring the bi-coastal heat that most emcees lack//

A beast over beats, you still carrying a green bag
Highly educated, yes, I'm stomping on your dean hat
This is not fiction, I don't floss, I never seen gats
And I don't curse in a verse this is clean raps//

What beat would you like me to attack next? What food would you like me to food in the future? leave responses in comments?

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