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It's More Than Rhyming Words with K.I.N.E.T.I.K. (@IAmKinetik)

First and foremost who is K.I.N.E.T.I.K.?

First and foremost, K.I.N.E.T.I.K. is a poet, writer and storyteller. I tell stories about our lives, our struggles and the various things we all go through as part of the human experience. I'm also an avid music collector, pro wrestling fanatic and jerk chicken enthusiast.

How long have you been rhyming and where do you reside?

I've been rhyming seriously for like 9 years. I wrote my first rhymes way before that but I knuckled down and really started working on my craft round about 2003. I'm from the North Western section of London, England. I live in a quiet suburban part of the city called Kensal Rise which is a place with a lot of history. I'm no historian though, so get your Google on! Oh yeah, we did have a tornado come through Kensal Rise back in 2006. That was interesting.

Describe the London hip-hop scene for the masses.

London is much like the U.S. in terms of having an underground scene and a mainstream scene. Both the underground and mainstream are thriving but in different ways. The underground is thriving in terms of quality and creativity whereas the mainstream is thriving from a notoriety and monetary perspective. If you look at the U.S. Hip Hop scene, we have what I would call "the equivalent" here in London.

For example, the UK equivalent of Lil' Wayne would be Tinie Tempah or the UK equivalent of Slaughterhouse would be The Quaranteam. Of course, I think the London Hip Hop scene could be better in terms of unity and diversity, but overall, there's definitely a lot of talent over here and I'm proud to be a part of it; albeit a small part, but I'm proud nonetheless.

Recently you released The Kinesis Thesis III and I am pretty sure that you have received favorable feedback from a variety of people. Describe the thought process behind The Kinesis Thesis III.

Yes, the project has been getting a lot of great feedback and I want to thank everybody who has taken the time to listen to it and support it. Honestly, when recording the project, my thought process was the same as it's always been and that was to make a cohesive, personal and quality body of work. Most importantly, I wanted people to hear my story and realise that I'm just like them and I'm trying to figure out this thing called "life" as well.

I wanted a theme, sound and message to resonate throughout all the songs and I believe I achieved that. When comparing it to my other albums, as cliche as it sounds, I definitely think this is my best work so far. Like the late great Guru said, I just try to "update the formula" every time. It's still K.I.N.E.T.I.K., but the flows are tighter, the beats are more banging and the wordplay is even more witty. I'm really proud of it.

How does The Kinesis Thesis III differ from the previous two installments?

The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III is like my coming of age; where I become a man and see the world through adult eyes. That's exactly what happened to me earlier this year. Life got real and I had no choice but to adapt and roll with it. Think of it like this; The Kinesis Thesis was the story of a boy with childish and immature ways.

He had a slick mouth but didn't know much regardless of how "profound" it might have sounded to some people. The Kinesis Thesis Vol. II is the story of the same boy going through his adolescent phase. He was a bit more mature but still didn't know that much. However, he was on the brink of manhood. The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III is the story of that same childish and immature boy leaving those traits behind, making his way into the world and flourishing in his manhood.

I notice that you are an artist that does not shy away from expressing your soul. Can poetry be attributed to your ability to emote emotions easily?

Definitely. When it comes to expressing myself on a record, I tend to be really straight up with it. I was raised by my Grandma and she spoke her mind regardless and I think she inadvertently influenced me in the same way but in a musical sense. She was also very poetic in the way she spoke and again I'm sure it rubbed off on me without me realising it at the time.

You know how us Jamaicans do! Plus I studied English Literature for a number of years and I really enjoyed the poetry side of that. I still think Mean Time by Carol Ann Duffy is one of the dopest books of poetry ever. When I lay my emotions on a track, it's not always "nice" to listen to, it's not always "comfortable" to hear and it's never "politically correct"; but it is always honest.

It's always told from my perspective based on what I've seen, heard and experienced. The soul is the deepest and inner most part our existence and being and I believe when it comes to art; the soul should always be the place where expression is cultivated and springs forth from. So regardless if what I'm saying is conscious, comedic, political or just straight up ignorant...it is ALWAYS from my soul.

What is your favorite track off of The Kinesis Thesis III?

My favourite track changes all the time but right now it has to be "Here We Go".

I love that track because it's really aggressive, high energy and really cocky. It's a radical departure from what people usually expect from me. In fact, I wrote the song because I heard people saying that my music was either "too smooth" or "too soft" so I had to give them a quick reminder that behind all the ooh and aahs, I am a very serious lyricist and I'm dangerous with the wordplay. Put it this way, everybody got the message.

What is next for you in regards to projects and stuff?

Right now I have two projects in the works. I'll be flying out to California this coming September to work with a producer by the name of KUROISOUL. He produced "Mode Of Address" and "The Grace Of God" for me. He's really dope at what he does and I can't wait to work with him in the flesh. We've made some great songs without having met each other so I can only imagine what we're going to cook up when I get out there.

After that, I have an EP coming with TE1 Productions, who produced "Year Of The Underdog" and "See The Sun". That EP is going to be special because it'll be London centric in terms of production and guest features. I really want to give London something to be proud of especially the part where I'm from. TE1 is definitely one of the most versatile and well rounded producers I've ever had the chance to work with and I'm sure we will create something special.

How can the masses get in touch with you?

I'm all over the Internet but my main channels of contact are listed below:

K.I.N.E.T.I.K.'s Bandcamp
K.I.N.E.T.I.K.'s Facebook
K.I.N.E.T.I.K.'s Twitter
K.I.N.E.T.I.K.'s YouTube

Any final words?

I want to thank Praverb for the interview opportunity and for just being a wise, insightful and informed brother. I would also like to thank everyone who checks for my music and believes in what I do. You guys have great taste and should be in charge of running the world.

I swear if I get a record deal, I'm taking all of my fans to Nando's for some chicken. Mango and Lime style. Bring your Loyalty cards though. I ain't rich yet. Word to the mother land. Peace!

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