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5 Qualities of a Dope Emcee with Wordsworth

Wordsworth is an emcee that has been rhyming for...

Professionally for 16 years.

I have been following your career for almost ten years and I am amazed at your mastery of diction. When did you first fall in love with the English language?

I really started getting into the English language around elementary school.

What gravitated you towards rhyming and who were your influences growing up?

My cousin used to freestyle and Kool G Rap was my influence growing up.

In 2004, you released the emotionally charged project Mirror Music. In what ways have you grown since the release of Mirror Music?

I am a better songwriter and I learned to mesh my music to match my live performance energy.

The Photo Album is your latest musical masterpiece that will be released on June 12th, 2012. What factors led to the creation of The Photo Album?

Really the production always drive me to think of songs that people can relate to. Also after doing the eMC album I didn't want to tour until I had a new album out as well.

The lead single for The Photo Album is called "Joy and Pain". Explain the inspiration behind the single.

When I first got the track I didn't know where to go with it. I actually penned the "Vanish" record Apollo Brown produced first. Then I realized it was a celebration of my return and acknowledgment of what it takes to have a good time, which is the balance of Joy and Pain.

Do you have any featured guests on the project?

As far hooks: Adanita Ross, Range Da Messenger, Skeematics, J black, Princess J and DV Alias Khryst. As far as rhymes: Torae, Punchline, Tzarism, and Masta Ace.

Where can the masses purchase The Photo Album?

The Photo Album is on iTunes, Amazon, Fatbeats.com, Ughh.com and a whole bunch of other online retailers.

Explain the perks of being able to work within a strong collective of emcees (eMC).

The main perk is having to write one verse. The other perk is knowing everyone else's verse is going to make the song tight. Also being able to bounce ideas off of one another serves as another perk.

Explain your writing process to the masses. Do you prefer a specific setting to write?

I just play the beat and sit down or pace back and forth. Thoughts come easy when I drive or don't concentrate so hard. I can play a video with the beat on and come up with an idea. Less stress and it is easier to write.

Will the world witness another Punch N' Words album?

Not sure, we did the Ep and then we realized we wanted to grow more as solo artists. Right now we're focusing on establishing our solo careers but featuring on each other's albums. But we'll keep that door open for sure.

Do you have any other interests outside of rhyming?

Yeah, I play NBA 2k on XBox and also I'm working on an animated film. I also play basketball when possible.

How can the fans get in touch with you? Speaking of fans, how was the tour?

Tour was great, 22 shows in Europe promoting the album. Masta Ace brought me out to open up for him and the fans were incredible. I haven't toured for awhile because I wanted to have new material and they dug it. I can be reached on Twitter or TheRealWordsworth@gmail.com and also Facebook.

Any final remarks?

Thanks for the interview, go get The Photo Album out now.

Can you detail five qualities of a dope emcee?

1. Dope Rhymes
2. Several Flows
3. Stage Presence
4. Story Telling
5. Song Writer

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