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15 Female Emcees That Will Outshine You On Your Own Track

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Our hip-hop culture is driven by bravado and masculinity. Female emcees or the less appropriate term femcees usually are misrepresented by artists on the mainstream level. Sex is usually respected more than the actual display of skill. I believe that I have found a goldmine in regards to female emcees that will outshine rappers on their own track.

This list is based off my appreciation for artists regardless of gender. I feel that a lot of female emcees are not promoted effectively due to horrible branding.

Shout out to The Illest Female Rappers. It is a blog based on the promotion and preservation of the female emcee.

Another shout out to Hip Hop Sisters. Hip Hop Sisters, founded by MC Lyte, is an organization that promotes redefining the essence of generations of women through unity and empowerment.

I grew up listening to a variety of music and one that I noticed was the absence of female emcees until I was exposed to the talents of Lauryn Hill. I heard of MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, etc yet I did not truly appreciate their contribution to hip-hop until Lauryn's performance on The Score (The Fugees) and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

From there I found myself listening to Bahamadia, Apani B, Queen Heroine of the Juggaknots, Ladybug Mecca, Medusa, Free (yes Free from 106 & Park, she held her own on "Patriots" with Canibus), Jane Doe, and others.

Nowadays, it appears that more women are achieving global success with this hip-hop medium (Shout out to Stacy Epps, Eternia, Tiye Phoenix, Lady Paradox, and more).

This list is not a list of the dopest female emcees in the world. I originally designed this list because I would love to collaborate with every person on this list.

Below is a list of 15 Female Emcees that will outshine you on your own track.

These women have SKILL and most importantly they are very creative.

Let me know who you would add to this list in the comments section (maybe you have a completely different list, please share). International feedback is appreciate. I would love to be exposed to more female emcees, help me increase my knowledge please.

By the way make sure you check out Ensilence. She spits hot fire.

15 female emcees that will outshine you on your own track is presented in no particular order:

Jean Grae

Why is Jean Grae on this list: Jean Grae is on this list because she is a good song writer. She is lyrically inclined and she possesses an awesome attitude.

What sold me: Her verse on "Assassins" alongside Pharoahe Monch and Royce Da 5'9". It would be difficult to rummage through Jean's catalog so I decided to focus on a song that is recent to our (fans) memory.

Social Media Contact: Jean Grae on Facebook / Jean Grae on Twitter


Why is Invincible on this list: Invincible is on this list because of her activism. She is an activist for socio-economic issues and promotes social change worldwide. She empowers me to be a better human being outside of the confines of a notebook.

What sold me: Her verse on "Eye of the Beholder" alongside Finale and eLZHi.

Social Media Contact: Invincible on Facebook / Invincible on Twitter


Why is Eternia on this list: Canadian bombshell that can flat out spit. Here work on At Last really opened my ears (I was listening before yet I wasn't really listening haha).

What sold me: "At Last" alongside Termanology and Reef the Lost Cauze (check the video below). Yes! Yes! Yes!

Social Media Contact: Eternia on Facebook / Eternia on Twitter

Boog Brown

Why is Boog Brown on this list: I was first exposed to Boog Brown on Brown Study and all I have to say is yikes. The chemistry between Boog and Apollo is freaking amazing. Point blank she got skills forreal.

What sold me: Brown Study sold me...phenomenal album.

Social Media Contact: Boog Brown on Facebook / Boog Brown

MC Melodee

Why is MC Melodee on this list: Her recent project with Cookin Soul called Check Out Melodee earns props from me (it is hosted by Dj Whoo Kid woooo). Melodee, an emcee from Amsterdam, is the sole artist on this list that resides on another continent.

Her contribution to La Melodia is also excellent.

What sold me: The video for "Cha Cha 2011" which was shot using an iPhone 4. Wow!

Social Media Contact: MC Melodee Website / Melodee on Facebook

Tiye Phoenix

Why is Tiye Phoenix on this list: Half Woman, Half Amazing, I love the project (which showcases her vicious rhymes and singing ability) and her work on the second Polyrhythm Addicts album is fresh as well.

What sold me: Love her verse and singing ability on the ultra dope Phonte assisted "Too Late For Us".

Social Media Contact: Tiye Phoenix on Twitter


Why is Dynasty on this list: Destroying a Premo beat...are you not entertained haha...

What sold me: "Epic Dynasty" sold me on the dopeness...ever since I have heard this song I have been to this Tampa, Florida product.

Social Media Contact: Dynasty Website / Dynasty on Twitter

Ill Camille

Why is Ill Camille on this list: The West Coast chica presents a versatility style and has rocked stages with Jay Rock and Jean Grae. Quite an accomplishment. I feel like the future is bright for this talented woman.

What sold me: I heard Ill Camille spit alongside Mykestro two years ago and I was blown away.

Social Media Contact: Ill Camille on Facebook / Ill Camille on Twitter

Ra the MC

Why is Ra the MC on this list: It was hard for me to settle on a female emcee to represent DC. Jay Mills is a threat, Empress is a threat, sheesh and many more. I gravitated to the lyrical ability of Ra the MC the most though. She is also very stylish and just exudes a natural grace.

What sold me: Her verse on the Pro'Verb assisted "Lost Ones".

Social Media Contact: Ra the MC Website / Ra the MC Twitter

Lady Essence

Why is Lady Essence on this list: Lady Essence or Essence is on this list because I love her way with words. You can tell that she studies poetry to the T. She has a thorough knowledge of rhyming patterns plus she can freestyle like crazy.

What sold me: "Hardly Rock" alongside Michigan legends One Be Lo and Decompoze.

Social Media Contact: Essence on Facebook / Essence on Twitter


Why is Rapsody on this list: She kills everything and is a major part of the success of 9th Wonder's Jamla label. She possess a lot of qualities that a lot of emcees lack (Personality, live show prowess, ability to interact, visibility, and most importantly rhymes).

What sold me: I was first exposed to the talented North Carolina spitter via Return of the B-Girl, every since then I have been a stan I mean fan haha.

Social Media Contact: Rapsody Website / Rapsody on Twitter

Alyssa Marie

Why is Alyssa Marie on this list: Well I have been a fan of Essence for awhile and I noticed that she constantly shouts out Alyssa Marie on a regular basis. So one day I decided to check her out (great move haha).

What sold me: Alyssa Marie's performance with Essence over a Teddy Roxpin beat, "Trigga Finger". Check out her latest project called Heartbeat.

Social Media Contact: Alyssa Marie / Alyssa Marie on Twitter

Amanda Seales

Why is Amanda Seales (fka Amanda Diva) on this list: Amanda is on this list because she is a multi-faceted performer who does it all. She probably has the most versatility on this list given her experience acting and singing. We are focusing on the rapping aspect and Amanda brings it.

What sold me: I love when she performed 40 Emcees on Def Poetry Jam in 2006. She caught my ear as a lethal lyricist and the video is nice as well.

Social Media Contact: Amanda Seales Facebook / Amanda Seales Twitter

Psalm One

Why is Psalm One on this list: Always been a fan of Rhymesayers artist Psalm One. She has lovely content and can spit with the best of them as evidenced by her battle rhyme prowess.

What sold me: "Open Relationship" with R.A. the Rugged man haha...I do not necessarily agree with the content yet it is a hilarious song.

Social Media Contact: Psalm One Facebook / Psalm One Twitter

Mae Day

Why is Mae Day on this list: I first heard of Mae Day via MichiganHipHop.com when she released the Cherish the Day. I loved the concept of the album because it was inspired by Sade.

What sold me: Her performance on "Panthers" alongside JYoung the General, One Be Lo, and J.A.E.

Social Media Contact: Mae Day Website / Mae Day Twitter

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