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9 Things That The Masses Should Know About Underground Superstars

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Tomorrow, rapper Punchline and German beatmaker/Dj Dj Soulclap drop the long anticipated album Underground Superstars via Soulspazm Records.

Dj SoulClap took time out of his busy schedule to address 9 things that we (the masses) should know about Underground Superstars. Remember you can pre-order the album via iTunes and support future releases.

9 Things That The Masses Should Know About Underground Superstars

Punch & I did our first track together back in 2008. I featured him on the Soul Occs track "Dedicated to the B's", that happened after meeting him for the first time after a show in 2007!

In March, last year we decided to do an album together, in August he came to Germany to shoot the video, take pictures and re-record the majority of the songs, the album was almost done back then, it just took so long because we needed to collect the features.

We named the album Underground Superstars, because we have this track on the album called Underground Superstar. It is based on a Song by Superstar Quamallah called "Love Has Made Us" where I got that voice sample from. That was the beginning of the beat when I made it, added some cuts that fit to the theme and that's it!

Punch & I had been trash talking for years about who would win in a basketball match. Last year we finally had the chance to end all the talking and played against each other. 2 games, 1 on 1 and a game of horse, all had the same winner. I won't tell you how it ended though...But that feud is over, lol!

We got a feature by a German female rapper called Pyranja. I think that's pretty revolutionary because US artists usually don't want anybody from overseas on their own joints. She did her thing and spit some fire, although you won't understand what she's saying you will definitely feel it. It's actually one of my favorite songs on the album.

Features on the album are: Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Stricklin, Chaundon, Torae, Ruste Juxx, Apocalypse, Sha Stimuli, Pav Bundy, Rapper Big Pooh, Nova Rockafeller, Paranja, Toni Hill and Adanita Ross. Sounds a lot, but there are features on like half of the tracks, some are just hooks, so there is going to be a lot of Punchline(s)!

This actually is Punch's first solo album. I'm proud that I am the one to produce it. That man is a legend. I mean we are a team, but it's only him rapping, so it's definitely kind of a solo album.

The album will be out May 8th at all digital outlets! You can preorder the album on iTunes. The CD's will be out a little later, so keep your eyes and ears open!

We are already working on a follow up!

You can check the snippets here:

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