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Photos and Footage from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Event

The Record Swap this weekend at Horseshoes & Hand Grenades was amazing. I got a chance to link up with MUDD, Ragz, and UnOwn from the Jazz Addixx. I was also introduced to frequent collaborator ST/MiC (dude is a cool dude). The homie Tef Wesley came through and provided a lovely set.

The Phenomenal Conundrum did an excellent job providing a chance of pace from the hip-hop break beats and cuts.

Check out the PICTURES from the event. Shout out to Dj Skruff for putting together a lovely event.

Below I have provided four videos from the event (still working on UnOwn's set and the Phenomenal Conundrum footage). I wanted to capture some footage from my homie Cane on Friday but I had to finished a 12-15 page paper.

Jazz Addixx Promo + Dj Ragz Scratching Routine (Part 1)

Jazz Addixx Promo + Dj Ragz Scratching Routine (Part 2)

ST/MiC Live Performance (3/31/2012)

Tef Wesley Live Performance (Corner Store Loosies Tour)

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