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FREE Download: The Anubys Clan & Frat Team - Hangin' Out

Collaboration EP between Fredericksburg, Va Hip-Hop groups The Anubys Clan & Frat Team called Hangin' Out... EP. This project highlights the fact that unity is stronger than competitiveness. I believe that artists nowadays would rather have rivals or foes as opposed to working together.

I applaud the suppression of pride and the power of unison. Hangin' Out... EP features Sam D. Brown, The Rosadalio, Dito Fresko, Dros, Chemical X, Caleb Price, Engai, Mr. Thing, Kyoto & The Questarians. You can listen to and download the album below.

This project serves up smooth producer and smoother flows. Every emcee rides the beat with precision and their styles mesh. The two groups present feel good music that is based on their mood. LISTEN TO THE LAST TRACK woooo that beat is freaking raw.

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