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6 Must Read International Hip-Hop Blogs

What defines the popularity of hip-hop?

The popularity of hip-hop is based on the global impact. Hip-Hop is definitely worldwide and definitely serves as a cultural tool for unification. GZA recently spoke to students at MIT about the expansion of hip-hop.
As hip-hop’s popularity had exploded, the genre gathered devotees worldwide. He noted that Wu-Tang’s success, from the group’s rise to mainstream acclaim to its current status as elder statesmen of hip-hop, has been international.
The blogoshphere has given bloggers the opportunity to share content on the world wide web. International music blogs are vital because they assist with the marketing of artists worldwide.

International hip-hop blogs have come a long way in regards to providing translation for the written text. The translation makes it easier for the audience to read the post.

The six blogs that I will spotlight focus on promoting artists here and abroad. U Call That Love (UCTL), Hip-Hop Kings, Popkiler, Yappari, Runaway Owl's Society, and Blackout Hip Hop are six must read international hip-hop blogs.

1. U Call That Love (UCTL)

+ Nice blog layout, USP is located near the top (Hip Hop with Soul)
+ Call to action encourages viewers to join the newsletter, suscribe to RSS feed
+ Social Media buttons are present (easy navigation as well)
+ A widget for a translator appears on the blog

UCTL is a Polish based blog that promotes hip hop with soul. The posts are not written in English yet the names are recognizable (Translator is available as well). The site is easy to navigate and the call to action encourages viewers to sign up for the newletter or subscribe to the RSS feed.

2. Hip-HopKings.com

+ Great layout, good USP (live the lifestyle)
+ Social Media buttons are present
+ Categories are located under the Header
+ The inclusion of a hip-hop forum sparks interaction

Hip-HopKings.com is an UK based blog that promotes the hip-hop lifestyle. The posts are written in English and they are very clear and concise. The Social Media buttons make it easier for viewers to access Hip-Hop Kings on the web. I also like the widget for mixtape of the week.

3. Popkiller

+ Great viral presence
+ Good headlines + Social Media buttons are present
+ Extensive content
+ Promotes a variety of artists foreign and domestic
+ Translation option

Popkiller is a Polish based blog that promotes a variety of music. I like that Popkiller doesn't focus solely on one genre. Popkiller promotes artists from Poland as well as internationally. The website is filled with extensive content and the social media buttons stand out. There is also a translation option that makes it easier to enjoy the read.

4. Yappari HipHop

+ Great layout, good USP
+ Social Media buttons are present
+ Good content
+ Translation option

Yappari HipHop is a Japanese based blog that promotes quality music. The USP caught my attention right off the bat (Hip-Hop / Music / Culture / History / Knowledge / People / Fun). Yappari HipHop also has good content and I also love the translation option that Yappari HipHop provides.

5. Runaway Owl's Society

+ Good layout, good USP (hip-hop is alive!)
+ Nice content, good promotion
+ English written posts
+ Social Media buttons are present

Runaway Owl's Society is a Canadian based blog that promotes hip-hop music. The USP suggests that hip-hop is alive. Yannik presents nice content that focuses on promoting other artists. I also like that the content is presented in English, this increases readability because English is a very popular spoken language. The social media buttons are present as well. The comment system could be improved (not a fan of Google's standard comment system).

6. Blackout Hip Hop

+ Great layout
+ Promotion of local events
+ English written posts
+ Social Media buttons are present

Blackout Hip Hop is a Croatian based hip hop blog that focuses on the promotion of hip-hop music. I love the simple layout and the placement of the categories. Blackout Hip Hop also promotes Croatian hip-hop events. The posts are written in English and the social media buttons are present. I also like that Blackout Hip Hop presents nice graphics images. I love the marketing ploy that Blackout Hip Hop utilized in regards to branding (presentation of T-Shirts).

What International Hip-Hop blogs inspire you?

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