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5 Twitter Profiles That Every Recording Artist Should Follow

Twitter is a social networking giant that gives people a chance to connect with one another using short messages.

If you have never used Twitter before make sure you check out Mashable's Twitter Guide Book.

I like Twitter because it allows me to connect with people easily. There is a wealth of information that is presented via Twitter. I find Twitter to be very useful given that I am a Recording Artist and a DIY artist. Below I have compiled a list of 5 Twitter Profiles that every recording artist should follow.

5. @SJManager
Sarah J is a creative person that handles production placements for big name clientele. She is a producer manager and A&R consultant and she offers a wealth of information that is beneficial for producers/beatmakers.

4. @9thWonderMusic
9th Wonder's Twitter feed is intriguing because it is full of knowledge plus 9th is very interactive with his followers. I like the fact that 9th Does not stray from presenting his personality to the masses. I also like 9th's Twitter feed because he promotes his artists and label (@JamlaRecords).

3. @illmindProducer
Illmind is an awesome producer that continues to get better with each release. The thing that I like the most about Illmind's Twitter feed is his honesty. The tips that he offers are great. Check out his Website.

2. @UrbanThreshold
Jesse Jess's Twitter feed is one of my favorites based on the amount of tweets that I favorite. The insight that he presents is very helpful and allows artists to grow. Jesse Jess is the founder of The Annual Underground Music Awards, The A&R Power Summit and Creator of The Urban Music Explosion.

1. @RevRunWisdom
Nothing like words of wisdom from Rev Run...positive tweets from Rev Run.

What are your favorite Twitter profiles?

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